Who doesn't love All Time Low? Loving their new album! What's your favorite song on the new album? I just ordered it so it should be coming soon. (:

i haven't heard their new album yet but i still like them :D
My favorite song is Weightless and I feel like dancing.AMAAAZZINGG!Here speaks an all time low fan! I've seen them 5 times.
OMG!! I was not expecting to see this here!! I love All Time Low too and my favourite song is Guts or Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass. i have never seen them live but I desperately want to!! I also love Jack:) xx
Let me start off by saying I hate to be one of "those people" but..I only like old ATL, none of the new stuff. I really like so wrong it's right, i believe that was their sophomore album, weightless was okay, but i can't stand any of their new stuff. I mean it's probably just because I'm growing up, and kinda growing out of the whole pop-punk phase, but i look at one of their new songs on you tube, and i was seriously like wtf? I've seen them live as well, once at Warped Tour in 09 I think. They played a show in my area, about six months ago but i opted out i just didn't think it would be worth it. they do put on an awesome live show though.
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haha, my two friends in school are like in love with all time low. i like a few of their songs, but im not an obsessed fan or anything lol

My favorite song ever by ATL is A Love Like A War and the video for it is awesome ^.^ Vic and Alex's voice together is just magic *-*

My best friend's favorite band is All Time Low, and for her birhtday we are going to Springfrield Missouri to see them in concert! I am actually listening to them right now. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) They are really good. I don't love them as much as all you or nearly as much as my two best friends. They are in love with ATL.

Fave song by them is Time bomb ♥ from the new ones it has to be Kids in the dark, it really describes me!

i love All Time Low. Alex Gaskarth is my spirit animal lol

ATL is life.


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