Favorite band?

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The Beatles and Queen are my favorites. I can't choose between the two. :b

Kiss, Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses are my favs but i love alot more.

Bikini Kill
Tiger Trap
Evil Stig
Joan jett and the Black Hearts
My Chemical Romance
Tenacious D
The White Stripes
The Gits
The Donnas
Sonic Youth
The Doors
Joy Division
The Decendants
The Julie Ruin
Led Zepplin
Kate Nash
Iron Maiden
The Misfits
Pj Harvey
No Doubt
The Racounteurs
Social Distortion
yeah sorry i listed a lot xD

My favourite bands:
1.Blind Pilot
3.The Lumineers
4.Mumford and Sons
5.Snow Patrol
6.of Monsters and men

?Sigur Ros,?Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls, Rasputina, The Neighbourhood, Lana Del Rey, Jonsi

I have ALOT of favorite bands but currently my favorite girl band is Bikini Kill and my all time favorite all guy band is Nirvana. Kurt Cobain is the man <3

Nirvanaaaaaa :) if you like Nirvana or Grunge, please PM me we can chat :)



Wooooow asking which is my fave band is like asking who I love more - my mom or my dad. IT'S EQUAL

come on ;-;

1. Bring Me The Horizon
2. 30 Seconds To Mars
3. Arctic Monkeys
5. The Neighbourhood

I am obsessed with BMTH<3


1. Twenty One Pilots
2. Owl City (musician but still)
3. Skillet

A7x ♥

Like Moths To Flames
La Dispute
The Doors
Foo Fighters
Bring Me The Horizon
Panic At The Disco


The Beatles!!! They've always been my favourite band. I discovered Years and Years recently, and I love them too

Impossible to choose just one lol.

* The White Stripes
* The Black Keys
* The Gorillaz
* The Strokes
* Modest Mouse
* Tame Impala
* Alt-J
* July Talk

Hmmm some of my favorites are.... Incubus, Tool, Paramore, Misfits, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Queen, Pink Floyd...

I like Nirvana, GNR, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd...

A Rocket to the Moon

the fray

=14pxMy fav bands & artists: Bring me the Horizon, Fall out boy, PANIC! At the Disco, Paramore, Halsey,and Lorde. HONESTLY, IM MORE INTO............ROOOOCK!!!!!!!!!!

too many to choose but here are some of my favorites and some are from the good ole 60's so here goes

1. The Doors
2. The Rolling Stones?
3. Creedance Clearwater Revival
4. Ac/dc
5. Red hot chili peppers
6. Gorillaz?
7. Pantera
8. Disturbed
9. Insane clown posse
10. Motley Crue?

Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Twenty One Pilots?
My Chemical Romance?

I love the beetles.

Yass! Panic! at the disco 🙌

Outing myself as a totally untrendy nerd, but The Beatles

Green Day!

- Poets of the Fall
- One Republic
- Panic! at the Disco?

- Poets of the Fall
- One Republic
- Panic! at the Disco?

Breaking Benjamin!

Pretty reckless are awesome 😁

Imagine Dragon
Fall Out Boy

Green day 😁

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