Favorite band?

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It'd be pretty terrible of me if there was already a topic on this, BUT I'd love to know what your favorite band or bands (if you can't pick just one) is/are!

I'll just post mine while I'm at it~

My TOP 3 would have to be: 

  • Panic! at the Disco
  • Artist vs Poet
  • I See Stars


If you like any of those bands, please let us be friends. 

Green Day


Do you like their new stuff?

Artist Vs Poet - is such a good band; i love them!

and i also like panic! at the disco :)


Im in to a lot of different music; so some of my favourite bands are;

- The naked and the famous

- Korn

- Artist Vs Poet

- Athlete

- Escape The Fate

- Newton Faulkner

- paramore

 and Plan B .. There all my favourite artist and i have a few more :)


Email me if you want too :)


My favorite band before they split up to do their own things was the David Crowder Band. I still listen to their music of course. Right now I really love mewithoutYou as well!

My favorite bands ~~~ (they're screamo/metal)


Motionless in White

Asking Alexandria

Falling in Reverse

Black Veil Brides(... sometimes)

Bringing The Horizon

Chelsea Grin

Avenged Sevenfold(Just regular rock)

Vampires Everywhere


well i know there's more, but idk they are just some people i loves loves :3 A lot of screaming if you're into that!

Excuse me if I am doing this wrong, I am new, bare with me. :P


well, is it okay if I add some artists to this list?


Here are my favourites :)


1. Maroon 5

2. Hunter Hayes

3. Gavin Degraw

4. Jana Kramer

5. Bethany Joy Lenz/Everly

6. Kate Voegle

7. Alex Goot

8. The Cab

9. Luke Conard

10. Joey Graceffa

11. Luke Bryan

12. Blake Shelton

13. Love & Theft

14. Carrie Underwood

15. Dean Brody

16. Chad Brownlee


I believe that is all of them, ha! :)

1.Pierce The Veil

2.Panic!At The Disco

3.Falling In Reverse

4.Sleeping With Sirens

5.Foster The People



1.'I don't care if you're sick, I don't care if you're contagious I would kiss you even if you were dead.'

2.'Stop there and let me correct it I wanna live a life from a new perspective.'

3.'What if the devil was a life?What if god did not exist?So with all do respect tell me what is death when life is just a b****'

4.'If you can't hand then theres the door baby, if you can't hang there's the door.'

5.'Call it what you want!'


The Distillers, but I feel like no one I know has heard of them if I haven't been the one to introduce it to them :(

I am like obssesed with one direction currently. I just adooooore them. They are more like pop songs but I love them.

Panic! At the Disco is definitely my fave band!!! :D

I like a lot of solo artists over bands, but here we go:


Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Jethro Tull

Bob Dylan


David Bowie

The Zombies


... lot of D's

My all time favourite are Avenged Sevenfold 

but also...

Twin Atlantic

Kings Of Leon

Deaf Havana

The Strokes

Don Broco 

Enter Shikari

& Slipknot

Nickelback! Nickelback!

i got a bunch but heres a few of mine ^^

  • 3 days grace
  • breaking benjamin
  • 3 doors down
  • toby keith
  • my darkest days
  • nickleback
  • hinder
  • seether
  • lots more XD

Fun., Stooshe, N-Dubz, Black eyed peas and LMFAO. Icould go on. And on

Black Veil Brides and Boys Like Girls <3

Korn <3, Jack Off Jill, Silverchair, Garbage, Type O Negative.

Top 5

Foo Fighters,

The Doors,


Violent Femmes,

and The Misfits 

Favourite Artist is Ed Sheeran by a mile off

But my band would have to be The Script...I prefer there old stuff

Followed VERY closely by Linkin Park...Ive grown up with them I can always relate and whatever mood Im in Il happily listen to them x

It's all right, but I mostly listen to American Idiot and everything before it lol

I absolutely LOVE:

Simon and Garfunkel

The Mamas and the Papas 

The Monkees &

The Lovin' Spoonful

 (there are all 60's bands)

Parachute and 1D. :) im a fangirl at heart! haha

We The Kings :)

My Chemical Romance, Green Day. paramore, iorn maiden, AC/DC.

Ok, here are my top three, right now. =]
#1 Imagine Dragons
#2 Hot Chelle Rae
#3 Coldplay
There are many other bands I like,but those are at the top. :smileytongue:

Fave bands are:

1. Sleigh Bells

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

3. Black Veil Brides

4. Birdeatsbaby

5. Gorillaz

6.Bullet for my Valentine

Top 6:



The Fray

Linkin Park

Panic at The Disco

The Script

Fall Out Boy

My favorite band of all time is Simple Plan. They saved my life <3


I also love :

  • Blink 182
  •  All Time Low
  •  The Offspring
  •  Bowling For Soup

So hard to choose! Top 5 I'd say:


1. A Rocket to the Moon

2. Summer Set

3. All Time Low

4. Don Broco

5. Mayday Parade


That was such a hard choice!

All American Rejects
Downtown Fiction
Metro Station
*Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites- Skrilex
*Thats my fave song right now!

My all time favorites are Nirvana, HIM and The Used.
Besides that I listen to almost everything, I like alot of Punk, Rock, Grunge, Alternative and Classic Rock music :D

- Hinder
- Fall Out Boy 
-Cold Play
- Metallica
- The Scene


- Greyson Chance
- Ariana Grande
- Selena Gomez
- Taylor Swift

Honestly, I can't choose. =/
Do you like the song Nine in the Afternoon?

Duran Duan, Alice Cooper, Queen, and Pink Floyd are the first ones I think of, but there are more.

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