New Fall Out Boy?

I've always been a fan of Fall Out Boy and I've talked to other fans about their new album and I've heard a lot of different opinions. 

I was wondering what you guys think about it!


(Here's the album on Spotify if you haven't heard it already!)

My favorite song on the album has to be Alone Together. 

I'm not too crazy about it honestly. They completely changed their sound, which is what they wanted to do. I do like Alone Together though haha

 I love their new album so much it hurts haha. I'm so glad they're back together!!! My only issue is that Courtney Love is featured on a song in this album and I think FOB should have nothing to do with her but whatever.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark!! ^,^ (insanely long title btw)

I LOVE the old and new Fall Out Boy, I thinkit was inevitable that at some point they were going to change and to be honest I think it was a good change however other people may not agree.

All bands change over time, like when they age, the music ages with them. I find that their newest album is more 'now' than 'then'. Nevertheless, I love their new album, I love all their old ones, and I love them! I'll most definitely love their upcoming album (Patrick mentioned on Twitter that they may be working on one veeeeerrry soon!!). 

Where Did The Party Go and Just One Yesterday are my favorites. 
Jeez, Patrick's voice is like fine wine. Only gets better with time. 

I absolutely love them and their newest album. I was so happy when they announced they're together again! 

This is my fav fob album from under the cork tree being a close second

Absolutely adore them!


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