Tokio Hotel
I really dont have any friends who love tokio hotel the way i do, so i just wana no who all out there likes them too.(:
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*Raises hand and falls out of bed*


I do :D


They're pretty ace...and cute :)



I like Tokio Hotel. I'm not interested in any of their English music though. I love their German stuff though! It's really excellent. Zimmer 483 is my favorite album.

Aww man. I used to REALLY like Tokio Hotel. It's not that I hate them now. I've just been listening to the same music since 7th grade and then I got tired of it. And they haven't released anything new. So I'm kinda on a hiatus from them.


But they got me into taking German class. And I realized I really liked the language. But I moved to another high school that didn't have German so I'm taking Spanish now and I'm pissed about that. 


But if I had the chance to take German again, I totally would.

I can't believe I found a thread about TH. They were the first band I've ever fallen for, like I absolutely LOVED them. I still do, but not as much as before. 2-3 years ago I think. I actually started learning german in order to understand their songs. Now THIS is a commitment. 


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