Wearing plus size crop tops

Last year I uploaded a video online where I show my progress in growing confident in wearing a crop top as a plus-size individual. I'm going to link the video below.

I'd like to know if there are other people that also love wearing crop tops, regardless if you're also plus size. Let me know how you style your outfits using crop tops.?

Plus Size Girl Wearing a Crop Top in Public

I'm in England so its not often warm enough to wear crop tops. When I do wear one ita usually styled with a cute denim skirt or shorts. I saw your video and you looked totally fine and you should just relax. Your body is fine and curvy which is totally sexy anyways.

Hi miss Kennedy you look so gorgeous :)

@Btrfly that makes sense. I was living in Vermont at the time I made that video and I live in Alaska now so I have very few days out of the year that I can walk around in crop tops. And thank you. I'm a lot better now that I've made that video!

@ketherinjonsson thank you. that means a lot!

I'd love to wear crop tops but my mam is like really strict so she won't let me! :( Besides Irelands cold anyway! Your video is amazing, it was inspiring! You look absolutely stunning girl, trust me :) x??


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