What do you prefer to wear when you are at Work?


I generally prefer to wear formals when I am at work and what would you prefer? But I like designer dresses too!

usually it's jeans and some t-shirt or sweater

Usually I wear Jeans plus casual shirt and 2 days in a week jeans with printed custom t shirt

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For work I have to wear an uniform, well, only a polo!! We have 3 different colors, pruple, green and red. On the bottom jens and senakers.

Depends on the job-if I'm selling Avon I wear casual clothes as all I do is fill in orders and make delivers. My other job I have to wear a uniform-and this goes for any other job I had excluding Avon.

There are many options from trouser and formal shirts. For weekends we can also dress in casual t-shirt and jeans. Nowadays people also wear palazzo pants which are long 3/4 th loose long pants suited well enough when paired with loose full sleeve shirts.


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