Would you buy Fashion Jewelry Online..?

Hi, I personally used to buy fashion jewelry online. But I wanted to know generally what do you consider before buying...

Hey there, I am usually hesitant when I buy expensive stuff online (not that it happens often), but I could recommend a website, that helped me a lot with my shopping endevours:http://www.trustmeter.co/ It's really helpful as it stores real customers' reviews concerning various companies' products and services. It is free to use and could obtain realistic informtaion so that you will be able to avoid making shopping mistakes easily. ;)

Sure, why not? But I never buy anything expensive online, it's too risky doing so.. unless you know the company well. By the way, I have bought a bracelet and a necklace from an online?store, which are quite good yet inexpensive ;-)


Hey there!

You can try to buy from D'VIBGYOR also. It is also a trusted Online Store for fashion jewelry and designer dresses.

I'm a fashion stylist and right now I buy most of my fashion jewelry online from SIN SOLO Jewelry
The things I look for before ordering online is whether the price is affordable and the return policy (I need to be able to return if I don't like the item). I think SIN SOLO has a lot of cool stuff and their customer service is really good.

Hey! I am usually hesistant to buy expensive things online but, not that I won't. I would suggest eLuxe.

I will consider the jewelry I will bought in the Amazon reviews and buyers comment, another factor is the price, if the price is ok then, I will probably try this one, that's how I get my fashion king will jewelry today.

Check out my Legging craze they have awesome jewelry as well!

I always prefer to buy fashion jewellery online rather than from the local market. It is affordable and time saving.

Sometimes I do prefer to buy online as I get some great deals. But yeah, if I have to buy some expensive ones then definitely visit the store.

I always prefer to buy?fashion jewellery?online rather than from the local market. It is affordable and time saving.

well being a girl I would never prefer to buy fashion jewelry online but I had to buy lapis lazuli jewelry online because It was very expensive here in Canada. Otherwise I bought few fashionable necklace and rings from https://sexybling.com?

I don't see why not, loads of great sites online for different kinds of jewelry!

I often buy different accessories and jewelry on the Internet. I love original designer jewelry, like here https://lalaserengraving.com/ceramic-rings/ . My last purchase of the ring is like in the photo. I like that the online store usually has a large selection and low prices. I prefer to buy in reliable brand stores, which have a good reputation, so I don't have problems with scammers.

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