How to take care of bangs?

I've wanted fringe bangs on my forehead for a while now. How can I get my mom to get onboard? What are the benefits? How t take care of them? any piece of advice is helpful.

I would just look up some pictures online of different styles of bangs and show your mom and see what she says.
I have curly hair so when my bangs are short I like to blow dry them with a round brush (I always apply a heat protecting product) or sometimes I just blow dry then use my flat iron.
Good luck!

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The benefit is that it's a pretty easy way to have a different look. I would think you could convince your mom, it's not outrageous or anything. You're not asking to have a mohawk lol.

To maintain them one thing to be aware of is that they are on your forehead, and your forehead naturally has some oil on it, so it's a good idea to freshen them during the day whenever you think they need it, using dry shampoo and a makeup brush.

The salon that does the haircut should give free bang trims but if you need to trim it yourself, just don't cut straight across, it never looks good, cut up.

Thanks gurls, I'll see what she says.?

I went from waist length hair to a bob with bangs and my mom really dug that look! The only problem was that my bangs were WILD, so I used? to run a bit pun up-ish look, and a bit of hairspray. So it's not really hard to tame it.

I just brush all my hair back..and once it's dry, the bangs will automatically drop to where they should be. lol And to keep them nice throughout the day, try not to touch them/brush them with your hands. Because the dirt and oil from your hands tend to get on your hair and make it oily??I like side bangs,??Unfortunay ?I cant atach my pic to post

I have bang too and I love it as it makes me look younger XD But my hair grows very fast and I am reluctant to visit a salon every single month because they always cut it too short....I now rely on myself with the help of hair cutting kit


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