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Sea Tour consultant Danang Hot For 2017
This summer, the tour will sea "hot" than ever by the scorching sun of the region. Referring to the sea is thought to Du lich Da Nang, this will be the choice could not be more wonderful for visitors.

By Da Nang in sea green, clean, fine sand as a temperate sea waves, cream, coconut fun afternoon in the sunshine, reo ... Khe Danang is one of the sexiest beaches in the world.
Da Nang Sea travel ? tourist attractions thanks to where?
The beach was rated the most glamorous planet
My Khe beach is the American Forbes magazine voted one of the sexiest beaches on the planet. If you have ever joined a sea of Da Nang tour in summer games March-8 then see all the beauty of my Khe. Khe with green water shutoff, smooth sand compartments such as cream, yellow and brilliant sunshine wind Sun young man flesh splendid cage who travel. Between the heat wave of the summer together, jump into cool water ?m, lightly patting waves do we like to forget the fatigue, anxiety of the day.
The more glamorous than Khe when backing, the sunset down the mountain, ECHO coconut euphoria in the wind in the picture to the sky, peaceful setting makes people worried, an.
Da Nang in clean, peaceful
A very special is the beach in Da Nang, very clean, no garbage, no vendors and do not have the paddle pulling in customers as some other tourist attractions. Lying on the sand, enjoying a few eye-ups closed between what song or about Danang city trade body saw stars that love to this city to the strange ...
In addition, the system of generation, set along the beach will notify you if your children or loved ones lost. You also completely safe when bathing in Danang by the beaches have very shallow depth and rescue team ready to help if you are not on the beach.
Da Nang Sea Travel experience On the Tour and some Hot Summer For 2017
Come experience sea tour of Danang on summer dip
If you travel by plane, you should select the afternoon flight to Da Nang 15-16 h 30. Then, you do try to check-in the hotel and rest a bit before taking the beach for bathing, playing or sitting. You should choose the coastal hotels to convenient for bathing as well as enjoy a flexible of sea breezes in the summer.
If you want to explore off off the beautiful beach in Da Nang, then you can take a few days to accomplish this by Danang has to 15 the beach is located along 60 km of the coast of Danang on. However, you should select a couple of the most famous beaches to explore, take the remaining time to the tours other Da Nang.


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