Small online shops that save money

I usually shop a lot on amazon, asos, shopbop etc. But I have found that on some small online shops, the price is relatively lower with the same item..should I go for it? Any online shops that are trustworthy with nice price and good customer service??

there is nothing wrong with shopping at small online shops, but do your resrarch at less check them out on GOOGLE and read the online reviews.?

You are right! but even big online shop got negative reviews and comments, I don't really know what to trust sometimes. Do you shop on small online shops that you're satisfied with??? Can you give me the link as well :-)?

Whether it is big online shop or small online shop please do consider on quality!

Some offer the same item for less price but the quality will be not good as available on the usual Online Shopping Stores

Sorry I don't do much on line shopping outside of Amazon, I'm a Wal-Mart type of girl.

Well I don't know how trustworthy they are but I am kind of obsessed with Sam Edelman's right now lol. Just due to the ad, I don't have any of his stuff I've just watched the ad like 10 times.

I think this store is in England they have some stuff like nothing I've ever seen in the USA?

Here is another one but I have to sift through this, I don't like their stuff as much overall but I find some things I like sometimes?

Closer to home I really like Tilly's, I don't know if they have stores everywhere but I think they are nation wide.

Urban Outfitters usually has some nice stuff.

And Walmart and Target do have cute stuff despite whatever reputation they may have you just need to know what you are looking for because I don't think they spend as much time thinking about what people like us will like, and setting up displays and marketing around it. JMO!

This is my personal advice. If you shop on big online shops, their return policy is always better than those small ones which mean you are well-protected. That is why I like shopping on Asos.but you can always find out more about small retail shops, I believe they really lower their price with the same quality so as to compete with the global online shops. you can check out some here:

by the way, what do you want to buy? you can always specifically compare the exact item


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