Dying my hair after bleaching - HELP!

Hello everyone! This is my first post :) Just wanted to apologize in advanced for the bad english, and I really hope you can help me!

So on January 2016 I decided to bleach my hair and dye it purple, everything went okay but two months later I decided to go back to my natural color wich is a dark brown.

So my hair stylist bleached my hair again to get rid of what was left of the purple dye and then re-dyed my hair with what was supposed to be dark brown. The thing is, my hair didn't take the color so well and I ended up with very light brown hair, wich turned into more of a greenish blonde after just one week.

Right now I'm letting my hair grow out but I don't like how it looks half blonde/half dark brown, so I was wandering if I could just re-dye only the blonde part? I'm really scared the same thing is going to happen again and I don't want to damage my hair even more for nothing.

If you have any idea of why this may have happened or any tips to re-dye my hair I will really appreciate it!

I've read that washing your hair with cinnamon mixed with your shampoo helps turn your hair browner, and I even tried it after my hair turned out a little more red than I was going for. I think it worked for the most part, but then again I only did it once. So since there's no harm in putting cinnamon in your hair, you could try that to at least try and get your hair to a state wear maybe it won't take so much dye to get it to what you want. Also, you could try toning it. Which is basically taking something (I've seen a video of a girl use kool aid), that is on the opposite side of the color spectrum (she was toning the blonde in her hair, so she used purple) and putting some of it in your shampoo, and it worked for her. I'd read more on it before I did it, though. I've also read places where it's not the dye that damages your hair, but if you bleach it that hurts it. But I'm not a professional, so I'd ask someone who is. Like go into even a cheap hair salon and asking "hey would this work"

Never heard about that cinnamon tip, I'm gonna do some research and give it a try :) I'm going to the salon next month to re-dye my hair, but I'm really scared I won't end up with the color I wanted. Anyway, I guess anything is better than this ugly blonde lol


If you're really unsure or nervous I would strongly suggest going to a salon. However, if you're confident to try at home. I would recommend using a colour remover (like oops or loreal has) You might need to do it twice.
Then after the removal process you will have to dye your hair the colour you want it. :)


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