Have you ever tried on a bra or bikini in a shop? ?Does it ever bother you who has tried in on before? ?Have you ever got measured for s bra?

I have never done it yet.


Dont worry about trying on a bra/bikini- I have done it

@Claire_2007 ?Thanks for your reply, I know am going to have to try them on, but it was just something I thought of, and wonderd if any one had .

M and S is good for bra measuring


@Jessiesexygirl ?Thanks for the tip ^^^^ Jessie XXX

I love to buy various types of bras.

Their is no problem in trying bikinis in the store, but at the same time this is quit uncomfortable. Bikinis come in various styles, shapes and sizes. It is up to us how we pick up the best one. Also their are various online bikini stores which reduces our many tensions. They have the size chart which is very helpful. Click here to view some online bikini stores.

Great post.


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