Preparing for a big party.

Hey all! I usually do not attend parties and I'm kind of a shy person. But we have this 10 year celebration at my office and they are throwing a grand party for which everyone are invited and I don't think I can avoid it this time. So, I need advice on what to wear and how to survive the big party. I've also heard that they are arranging for a green screen photobooth? and that's making me more nervous. I've been thinking of wearing a red gown I have, put up a bun and wear a dangling gold earings. You think that would do? I really don't know how I'm gonna handle it. I usually find myself in a corner all alone, in such?outrageous parties. I really wanna put up an end to it, but don't know how. Need all the advice I can get.

If it's a formal thing I like the ideas you have except the bun. I'm not a huge fan of them espically in formal situations. If you want a good formal hair style google updos and don't forget to not wash you're hair when you get it done.

Hey there!

Try this beautiful gown of with a loose hair. And pair it with matching bracelet and heels.

Designer Gowns

Bun is good idea and better then half and down. But I would recommend updo.An updo means you will be look stylish and elegant, because it's latest trend. And you won?t fiddle with it all night. And it?s easier for updos to hold their shape all day.  I found many lovely ideas for diffrent tipe of hair.
If you do not find the opportunity to work with stylist , choose your favorite hairstyle , find the video "how it will make" and arrange with your friend
I think after some practice friend ?will make beter than any stylist :)

Hey! I got some great ideas from you people.


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