Fashion experiments.

Hi everyone! It may sound weird but I do love doing experiments on myself all the time. Don't worry, it's nothing that hurts. Well, that's other than the piercings and tattoo.. Well, what I'm trying to say is, I love doing these small experiments. Six months back I had colored my hair golden and two months back I made it black again. Yesterday I just chopped my hair and now it looks totally uneven and funky. Although my mom was too furious after seeing the pic I loaded, yet I love it. Like I said got three pierces done already and two tattoos one on my right shoulder and one on my left leg muscles under the knee. So, what's next? Yes, that's what I'm thinking. So could I get some ideas on what more I could do? Please nothing more weirder, just something small and cool.

I can completely understand your point of view! Though I havent tried anything with my hair yet, I did use my sisters medical uniform, a khaki pant, (which she recently bought after seeing it on this page) and made some alterations after which it looked really cool and teamed it up with my favorite cardigan! Thats was the craziest thing that I had ever done, as I firmly believe that each piece of clothing whether it is a uniform can be made into a really stylsih outfit with some alterations!

Next week I'm going to the Christmas party. So this year I decided to impress my friends with new fashion look. I chose awesome hipster mermaid costume. Yesterday I received my parcel. It looks amazing and very stylish. Hope the party will be awesome too.

This is awesome...

Experimenting something new has bad and good effects both ,keep experimenting but safely and the things you've mentioned about your experiments on hair and tattoo they sounds good and i can suggest you a site where you can get enormous collection in design and fabrics and experiment something new ,the site is

That's very nice to experiment and as you've described about your hair it seems very nice and if you are a experimenter then you can visit this site for more suggestions .have a look at?

That's awesome to experiment but in very safe manner it shouldn't hurt youself or other people and as you described about your hair that seems to be interesting .if you like experimenting on clothes you should surely visit at the site i regularly shop? they got a huge collection in?Ermenegildo Zegna suit and shirts,High Quality Suits,Custom Made Suits in Hong Kong,Custom Made Shirts in Hong Kong and many more.


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