Should I wear makeup?

Hey, gurls.

So, I don't wear makeup. This is because: a) I'm lazy (not even ashamed haha), b) I'm actually terrible at putting it on, c) I'm worried it'll make my skin age younger and affect my skin health and stuff, and d) I used to wonder if maybe it's part of the promotion of unnatural beauty ideals -- Idk if I think that anymore, since I've seen makeup approached in many different ways, though I believe it can be used that way.

ANYWAY. Recently I've realized I can't compete with the other girls anymore. I used to be considered one of the cuter girls, until everyone started wearing makeup. Since I don't, I just look plain in comparison. I guess. Maybe it's all in my head, but I don't think anyone is noticing me. I'm not pretty, not by those lifted standards.

I see potential, though. I imagine what I'd look like wearing eyeliner and mascara and doing my hair all fancy and fab, and I could be damn cute. At the same time, I just don't want to do it, for the reasons above.

And also, it's kind personal thing now, that I'm that girl who doesn't wear makeup. I thought it made me stand out, but I don't care for standing out if it means I don't stand out WELL. I overthinking this? What should I do?

You don't have to wear makeup if you don't want to. You're not?competing?with anybody. I know it's hard, but you shouldn't compare yourself to others if you an help it, that's only going to make you miserable. Don't see other girls as your competition, beause they're not.?If you don't want to wear makeup, don't. If you do, go for it. I wear makeup, because, yeah, I feel insecure and don't like my face without it, but I also do it because I enjoy putting it on every morning. I look forward to it. I don't wear it for anyone else but myself. If you don't feel like putting it on, don't put it on.?

As long as you wash your face regularly and probably even use a special treatment, your skin will be fine. If you really want to do it, look up some makeup tutorials on Youtube. and only wear it because YOU want to.

If you don't want to, you do not have to wear makeup. I wear makeup, but I've been told I have "great skin" (despite the thousands of pimples) and "young looking skin." I think as long as you wash your face twice a day and remove makeup at the end of the day, you should be fine.

But yeah, if you're interested, maybe try getting a professional makeover or have a friend of yours who is a makeup genius show you how to apply it. That way you won't suck at it as much as I do... I actually am having a friend show me how to do it. XD

But honestly, you do not have to wear makeup if you don't want to. I know you look great without it.

And as WaterBaby said, you're not competing with anyone.

Yes, you should, but you also should remember about improving your look with perfect hairstyle, according to your face shape)

Even I don't like to apply makeup. My chin is very flat which gives me an aged look. I wish I had chubby cheeks. First I used to apply some blush and highlighter on my cheeks to give them an enhanced look. But they are not giving effective results. I am planning to undergo a facial implant procedure from a clinic in Toronto. Anyone here had undergone this procedure? I had gone through some reviews and found them very convincing. What are your thoughts??

It is a personal choice but, it does help in general. It depends what you are doing, but as a yes no question do I wear makeup, yes I do. Once you have your setup and you have practice it's only 5 minutes or 10 at the most. I have two pieces of advice, one is, hydrate your skin that makes everything else easier and better. Second, don't use too much makeup, you see that with girls in middle school and high school sometimes it looks better to keep it minimal. You can find a lot of guides on magazine web sites I won't type in my own guide here, a lot depends on what your skin is like (dry or oily), your coloration and the look you are going for.

Wearing makeup is not bad, if you are comfortable.

Yes, every girl sshould wear makeup. Beauty of women is the first thing that can attract men. To look beautiful one should take care of skin properly using proper skin care product which suit? the skin type. To look beautiful one can blend the makeup with the help of proper foundation and primers which gets match with the skin complexion. Use proper brushes to apply foundation to achieve a good complexion effect on the face.

I'm 19 and I wear a very little make up, basically nothing. One should do or wear what makes us feel good and comfortable with ourselves and not only to catch the attention of other people.

Try to look beautiful from your heart!

Then you don't need any make up to wear...

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