Using Kool-Aid to dye hair.

This is my current hair color (sorry for poor lighting).

I've been watching YouTube videos of girls who use various Kool-Aid flavors/colors to achieve various wild effects. My hair is relatively red but I'm wanting it like...RED RED! So I'm wanting to know, with where my hair color is at now, if I could achieve a really vibrant red?!

My friend tried to do her hair blonde from brunette this way. It actually did kind of go more yellow but it only lasted one wash. Since you hair is red anyway, it almost definitely would make it more red, but it won't last more than a day or two.?

I only wash my hair once a week, so I won't have a problem with that. I'm just hoping that I can achieve something more vibrant than it already is.

I don't know if you've considered or tried it already, but have you checked out Manic Panic? They have some pretty vivid looking colors that might give you the vibrancy you're looking for. I've heard good things about it. A little more expensive than your average box dye, but you're probably getting what you pay for.?

Is it permanent?

I will definitely look into it. I think I may try the Kool-Aid thing first but it it fails or I hate it I will try MP.

They're semi-perminent. They're also vegan, which it says that helps condition your hair, and that it's ammonia and peroxide free. The prices range from $9.99-$15, so not too much more than something you could find at Walmart or a Dollar Store

I will definitely look into it! Thanks.

You want your hair color look like that?

No, I want this hair color eventually.

But unfortunately I did the Kool-Aid thing yesterday and it made no changes to my hair even though I used 5 packets of red.


Well I can say that I never in my life knew this was a thing before this thread but now I must try it!

I've never seen anybody with the red hair that I want to achieve. Either way if I did it wouldn't stop me from doing what I want to do. I'm not a "bandwagon" type of person - if I like something, I go for it. Right now I'm going for this flaming red hair.?

I wanted to try dying mine with koolaid but my friend said that her hair got damaged so I didn't want to risk. I recommend researching it before trying if you don't want to risk it

Kool-Aid does not damage hair. 😆

Try to use all natural products for your hair that will cause no side effects at all!


I dye my hair with red kool aid and it works perfectly! I only have to do it like once every six months and thats just because it grows out. And I swim in chlorine pool every day. Heres how I did it so it worked so well;
1. Get like 5 packs of sugar free kool aid and boil 3 of them in a medium amount of water.2. When it boils, take off heat and wait like 3 mins3. put your hair in 2 pigtails, lined up with your ears as high or low as you want the dye to go4. dip 1 side of hair in up to hair elastic and watch half a movie on netflix on like a kitchen counter, so like 1 hour.5. dry that side with paper towel and then hair dryer.6. do the same with the other side and watch the rest of the movie.7. dry and make sure its even.8. dont wash for 24 hours or longer9. It turns out like this neway look?:)


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