You're makeup routine!

Share you're makeup routine?
I usually prime my eyes and put on a gold eye shadow then eyeliner then mascara and then I use my acne pads that dries out my skin then I use a setting powder on my face because it has a tint and coverage and then I high light and put lip stick on! What do you do?! ?

Usually I just put on BB cream and maybe foundation (usually liquid or powder). Then I put on mascara, eyebrow gel, white eyeliner on my water lines, and blusher. Sometimes I'll wear lip stick or lip gloss.

Foundation, usually light brown eyeshadow with a darker brown in the crease and outer edges of my eyes, and then a whitish shade to highlight under my eyebrows. Then sharp winged liquid eyeliner, I'll fill in my eyebrows a little bit, mascara, and blush.?

My morning:
Yass, light brown eyeshadow ( walgreens brand) , light foundation SEPHORA or BB Cream, SauceBox Shadows, Too Faced Blush, URBAN DECAY LIPSTICK and Mascara
Oh, eyeliner yes! But only for the evening

I wear quite heavy makeup on a daily basis because it makes me feel more confident however sometimes I do wear slightly less if I dont feel like putting a lot of effort in or if I am having a good skin day. I don't wear eyeshadow for my everyday makeup.
My usual routine consists of:
primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer to contour, highlighter, brows, mascara and some sort of lip product


I don't use to wear makeup before, as I'm really lazy to take care of my skin and follow a daily routine and be presentable all the time. But one of my college friend suggested me to view website of the makeup tools that are easy to use and gives an amazing look with the least amount of product. So I have decided to follow her suggestion as being presentable is very important in my professional field.

Usually I don't wear makeup, but when I do I use primer, then foundation ( I'm currently in love with Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation ), a bit of mascara, a lip balm and a big smile. It works best! lol


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