PEOPLE I need your help!

My current hair colour is dark chocolate brown and I want to have the same hair colour as Taissa Farmiga at the Emmy Awards but the problem is, I don't really know the name of her hair colour???? Can you PLEEEEAAASE help me and tell me what you think!


I just googled it and it's beautiful! It's kind of a subtle mix of copper, blonde and light brown. ?I think your best option is to show a picture to a hair stylist and get their opinion, and get the to dye it for you, because it looks like a very difficult colour to get right at home: it has the potential to look very very bad

Okay ;-) thank you so much aaaand I tried to add a pic to my post but it didn't work sorry :S :D

I just googled and I think it's highlihts or lowlights   I would recommend you dye her hair first and give it about 2-3 weeks before putting the highlights in.? Depending on how dark the colour is you have on now you may be able to have highlights using a high lift tint rather than resorting to bleach and would be much better for the condition of your hair. I personally do not reccomend striping the whole head of hair unless there is no other way, as this really does damage the hair and the end result is not always as expected beacuse you are basically using a bleach mixture and seeing what happens.


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