60s - 80s Fashion

I love fashion and styles from the 60s - 80s. Fringe, boots, neon colors, etc. I even painted my nails in an 80s style I found in an article the other day lol. I just prefer it to most of the trends of today, personally. Sometimes people think I'm out of touch but I don't really mind.

I've been looking for one of those neon windbreakers for a while but for some reason all the ones I find online are super expensive. I guess I'll have to go to the thrift store haha

Anybody else like this fashion?

Etsy has some cool vintage windbreakers for around ?20-50, which isn't too bad if you'll wear it a lot.?

I love the 80's in particular...some of the fashion styles have come back in a way. Leggings in the 80's were huge and imo Pat Benatar started that trend.

Ooh, I just looked it up on Etsy and you're right, I found a couple I like :D 20-50 isn't much to me, I'll definitely wear it a lot. Thanks c:

I actually forgot leggings were big back then. Leg warmers should come back into style too xD

I mean, it's alright, and though most of today's trends are awful I think it's rather lame to be stuck in the 70s or 80s. Windbreakers aren't in fashion anymore.

I love 80's fashion. I love wering tube socks and short skirts

As I am 90's Kid I love 90's fashion trends. Also there are fashion styles like palazzo pants, leggings etc which were really popular in back there 70s and 80s so yes I like that fashion styles too.

? I admit, I actually thought of Cyndi Lauper for a brief moment while typing that post earlier. But when I watch any media from the 80s (including VHS home movies), dyed bright hair like http://newaylook.com/best-rainbow-hair-styles/ is nowhere to be seen. Some New Wave musicians did have it like you said (I think Depeche Mode was another, if they count as New Wave) but no one else as far as I could tell. I didn't see any dyed bright hair in the 90s as a kid, and I certainly didn't see it in the 2000s. For all I know, it was around, but it must have been extremely obscure because I don't remember seeing it even once.

This decade, on the other hand, I see it every time I go out in the town.


Just like you I like 90s fashion clothing

Go the 80's! I think your not out of touch takes some courage to sport something which is deemed non "trendy". Who cares right? Why bother listening to those who don't appreciate the awesomeness of back when :) Post a pic if you did it!?

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