Present for my girlfriend

Well hello I'm a boy and me and my girlfriend have been together for a year now and i would really like to spoil her i'm planning to buy her a necklace with her "nick"name in it and the when we started this relationship :) then i was planning to give it to her inside a pokeball because she loves pokemon do you have any remaining tips ? Sorry for my English it's not my native tongue

Well that does sound like a cute idea, if she's into those things.? After that I would sya just maybe take her to a nice dinner, and maybe a movie or something??

I think it's a really cute present and the nickname nacklace is very romantic:) take her out for picnic or dinner ?or a concert

Wow! That's really a romantic idea. Pokemon thing is really cute. But, just a suggestion. If you really want to spoil her, then I think you should go for diamonds. Girls just love diamonds, and I think she would love to get one too. Every girl does. Now that you've already decided on the necklace, why not surprise her with a ring. Here are some good selections.'ve personally been shopping one for myself. Check them out. :)

By the way, congratz on compleating one year together. Not everyone are that lucky. ;)

Hey Dario, giving a nickname necklace is really very romantic gift !! In addition to this you can try taking her to a pub or any other romantic place for dinner. Being a girl I know, how much girls get crazy for carrying accessory like bags, Sunglasses, watches. Why don't you try out giving her latest trend sunglasses? Now a days many Website like EL sunglasses, Ray-ban, Oakley has come up with a cool funky style, heart, oval, round shape cheap sunglasses.

Hello Dario, you can use Xwalker shopping search engine to find out the unique gift for your girlfriend.

Really nice idea. Gifting a cute necklace with nickname on it is cute.

What about watches? Burberry is known for making some gorgeous watches It's no exception to that.  


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