Any other suggestions for crooked teeth?

Hey, friends. I really don't like my teenage. What about you? Pimples, hair loss and everything is driving me crazy. I feel irritated for silly things. I get pissed off with my mom very often and I regret about that later. I am a bit beauty conscious and I admit it. My teeth are crooked and it is time for me to wear braces. That is also quite an annoying thing. I will be having food restrictions and discomfort. And the main reason is that I will look ugly on wearing braces. I don't like wearing braces. My friend suggested a teen orthodontist in Oakville, Wilk and Wilk Orthodontics. She wears an incognito braces and I find that much better. Any other suggestions?

What she said is pretty much the limit of your options. If your teeth are not that crooked the ortho might just have you wear a retainer though. If they are really bad then you are stuck with braces if you want to fix them. Don't fret about it though. I don't think anyone is really all the excited over the possibility of having to get them.

NocturnalMistress:How about Invisalign?

Those are the icognito braces she was talking about I believe.


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