Shopping Woes (Tips/Advice please???)

Here's the situation: my closet is in need of a serious rehaul! Most of it is old, is either too big or too small, comprised of tshirts and jorts (which came about from having scoliosis and needing to hide my back brace) and just doesn't fit the way I want to dress. Now that my brace is coming off, I will finally be able to get new clothes and express who I really am! I have a good idea of what I want my personal style to be (minimal and neutral, feminine with a bit of badass).

Thing is, I don't know how to explain to my mum that I want to expand my wardrobe because
1. I've never before expressed my interests in fashion to her
2. My mum seems to still think of me as a ten-year old when I was in my tomboyish phase and i'm not sure how to communicate to my mum that i want to dress a bit more girly
3. At home i'm a very reserved person (as opposed to school when my true personality comes out) and I don't know how to show her this side of my personality and the way I would like to dress
4. She is not the best person to shop with. And I can't go shopping with my friends because we are all very broke teenagers :(

The other problem is that I get really OVERWHELMED when going into stores. Seeing stuff online and on people gives me a good idea of how it would look but once I get into a store and see everything in racks all shoved together makes me panic because I don't know how to find the stuff I'd like and I have no clue where to start!?

Any shopping tips or advice would be very welcome!

PS i'm 15 if that helps

Maybe just tell your mom since your brace is coming off you'd like to open up your options for outfits. Maybe go online and pick some stuff out on a site you like and ask her what she thinks of the clothes?

I think, You are interested person. It is shown by your 3rd point.
The following few smart and simple ways:
1.See what your budget
2.Go to a different shop
3.Always special offers are a great way to save the money
4.Compare Prices
5.If you wish to bargain - Outlet stores is a best way
6.Checkout reviews
7.If you going online shopping website - get a money back guarantee.

Have you also some advice about buying such jewellery? that is handmade right?

You may try shopping search engine like Xwalker. A local shopping search through Xwalker gives you a wide variety of products and categories to choose from. You can search for the best deals in your neighborhood by specifying your location. It will help you to find out the best local retail stores and also provide the all product related information including the product rating.

Hey I agree with above replies, while shopping online one should first check the revelant site, check whether the site is just for advertising or what.

If shopping in stores overwhelms you (which is totally reasonable!), then pick out some items online, at a store you already know the sizing or can best guess your size. Then ask your mom if she can help you out making the order and explain that you need some of these clothes. You can go through the order and make it together.

You must make a list of the clothes that you need. Let it be a pair of jeans and 3 jerseys. You can stylishly combine it with accessories.I think that the bag and the scarf are the basic accessories. Also, I wear jewelry. I like the original design things, for example, like in??Laser Engraving. I have jewelry that fits any image, as well as special sets of jewelry for evening and cocktail dresses. I don't have a lot of clothes, but I can diversify any outfit with my accessories.

What I do is I wear quite basic, timeless, neutral colored clothes (black and nude mostly) and give the outfits a trendy vibe by adding jewelry and accessories. Neutral colors always look good, and with the right accessories, you can transform a pair of black pants and shirt into multiple different outfits. My favorite store for accessories is CWC (link to the store: For the low prices they have, the products are surprisingly good quality!


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