fashion emergency

In Jamaica we have this tradition called grand market its on christmas eve when everybody comes out in the middle of the night and buy whatever u want cuz pretty much everything is on sale and theres a party at every turn. I dont know what to wear, i want my outfit to be neat,full of swag and shows a bit of skin but nothing bulky cuz it isnt cold down here and half of my time is going to be spent dancing.
Am open to all suggestions so plz help

I think you can find some inspirations right here. Maybe you can change your style too?

There are good dresses -
Maybe you want make new amazing vintage style for your hair)

Hey there! You can check out this link for women's clothing as all the stuff there is amazing

You don't need to have a stylist's eye to know where you can find some pretty summer fashion trends. Dig into your oldies, try your instinct and make it look trendy. I made this cotton dress out of my mom's saree. :P :) :D

A cute mini-dress sounds perfect!


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