How to style a long cardigan?

I recently bought this long cardigan from Factorie that hangs until the middle of the back of my knee and ankle. Does anyone have any idea on how to style it? I bought it because I felt like it was trendy? Honestly, it was really a reckless buy! Can anyone suggest anything? Thank you! :-) 

Leggings! Or skinny jeans! And some cute boots or flats!

Agree , It can looks super stylish with skinny jeans and nice boots :)

You can get a super stylish look by pairing up your cardigan with skinny jeans and boots. One of the best ways to accessorize it will be to pair it up with a leather jacket and biker boots to get a biker girl look. You can check here for some cool biker boots.

Agree that the best will be to wear leggins or skinny jeans:) i will also choose some handmade jewellery. That is always a good idea right?

Leggings! With some Uggs or thigh high boots! Your hair should probably be up in a messy bun and some small rings'll do the trick! Perfect winter look!

I agree leggings with the long cargin will look great for both work or casual wear. You can see online for huge colors and prints and designs for leggings and pants.

Maybe also with some nice dress it will look ok? Check it! The most important is to feel attractive right?

You can get a super stylish look by pairing up your cardigan with skinny jeans and heels. I'm sure you look pretty. Oh, Thanks for sharing your thoughts anyway.?

When it comes to winter clothings, especially long cardigans, i love wearing them in layers. You can combine them with a plain t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of high-heels and a belt.

Want to know how to layer your clothes? Check out this post at

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I quite like how this girl styled it: It's definitely a casual outfit you could wear everyday and it looks comfy.

Skinny jeans and flats is the best variant

Hi girls, check out this post on Long Cardigan Outfits?you will go mad.

I love my longer cardigans and wear over straight leg jeans or slimmer pants (take slim with a grain of salt as I'm a thickish size 12 and pretty much a rectangle with pear tendencies). I really like the look of longer cardigans and have two that fall at my knees that I love.I have worn both with pencil skirts over tights, too.

You can wear it with leggings and black suede ankle boots. You can find out the best matching leggings and ankle boots using Xwalker fashion search engine.

You can go with skinny jeans as I have already tried it! Match it with stylish boots and some designer jewelry.

I love wearing my long cardigans over a maxi dress.?

I find it easiest to style this kind of long cardigan with skinny jeans, your fave shoes and a shirt/t-shirt/blouse. Simple but it works. Wear it like any other jacket.


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