Will my hair fall out?

So I have brown hair, light brown, but I really want to experiment with it and dye it different colors. But to do so, I have to bleach it, but I'm scared that it might fall out. How do I prevent it? 

I've never seen anyone's hair actually fall out from being bleached too much, I have however seen hair that had been overprocessed break off.
Don't bleach it repeatedly, if you need to just touch up your roots, don't put bleach on your entire head over and over.
use deep conditioning treatments (I love to put moroccan oil on my hair after I bleach)
Watch your hair while the bleach is on it, I have seen bleach burn people's hair before literally smoking and everything.
If you are going to do it at home do some research, watch some youtube videos, google the crap out of what you want to do, or just go to a professional.

Thanks a lot, now I'm not that scared of doing it.

to prevent hair loss use avocado oil
here's an article about the benefits of it http://therighthairstyles.com/5-secrets-about-avocado-oil-for-hair-you-should-know-in-order-not-to-discard-it/

It probaly won't fall out, but it isn't going to likely look all that good either. Get it done at a salon by someone who knows how to do it right. Trust me, my Moms a hairdresser.

Unless you've seriously burned your scalp, your hair will definitely grow back. You'd know if that was the case, since that sort of injury would definitely require a hospital visit

OK first of all a professional will be faster and better at this than you and have the right setup and equipment and have it all down to a science vs, if you try it it will take a while, be frustrating and maybe you'll mess up. However, I wouldn't say DON'T do it yourself just be careful and prepare and understand you might damage your hair. If you still want to do it yourself I think that is ok, I experimented with my hair a few years ago and I felt like I got to try things more often and cheaper that way. I also have light brown (or "dirty blonde") hair which isn't that bad to color. Now I keep it blonde more or less all the time I don't really remember my natural hair color lol.

Anyway if you are going to try yourself, my first advice which I don't think everyone realizes is, the less hair you have, the easier it will be so it's a good idea to go with shorter hair for this. Plus short platinum blonde (or purple etc) hair can be super cute.

My second advice is that bleach messes up anything metal, for example bowls, mixing spoons, measuring cups, nobody tells you this!!! But don't use metal for bleach or your parents will yell at you lol use plastic.

My third advice is it's nice to do with a girlfriend so you can figure stuff out together and because misery loves company lol.

I saw other girls mention oils to use, I use coconut oil but I don't know if it's better worse or the same as the other oils people named. But anyway I think it reduces damage to the hair at least a little (but bleach WILL damage your hair guaranteed).

If bleach gets on skin it may burn a little, wipe it off if it worries you, it could possibly burn your skin enough to be able to notice later if you just let it sit there and burn. And, if bleach gets on colored clothes of course it will mess up how the clothes are dyed. (I wore a t-shirt my brother had outgrown when I did this.)

I am not going to describe in detail the steps of actually bleaching your hair you should look that up online I might forget an item or step so better to find that elsewhere. But you will need bleach, developer, toner, and probably a good selection of plastic hair clips.

You may likely need to bleach it twice to get it as light as you want it, you should space that out by several days or maybe a week so it doesn't wreck your hair as much.

After the final bleaching (probably the second depending how white you want your hair), shampoo, then use toner for about 40 minutes. Toner also hurts, again if you feel it burn more than you expect, wash it off don't risk burning your skin. Then rinse and use conditioner.

I used Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner which further reduces the yellow left over in the hair.

That should take your hair to pretty much platinum blonde from there any color is easy.

When I first started bleaching my hair (quite a long while ago) I fried it - so have been really nervous about leaving the bleach on for too long. So I did not leave the bleach on for long enough and it ended up orange. I wanted to get platinum ?but I had paience not to repiat.
There is no fix for damaged hair, but protein treatments may help alleviate the issue temporary by filling in the missing cuticle. Don't overdo it, though, as they can also make your hair brittle and even more prone to breakage. Also, deep conditioning can help you smooth done the roughness and make your hair look and feel a bit better. It won't be close to virgin hair, but it does make things a bit more manageable.


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