Will you wear matching clothes with your darling?

Hi all,

Firstly i want to thanks all of you for reading my thread. The reason made me creat this thread is very simple. As you know, the fashion between Asian and European/American is diffirent.

I'm an Asian boy and in my country (Viet Nam), teen boys and girls like me often wear matching couple t-shirts when they're in love. 

Here's my opinion: Although i'm Asian, I myself don't like this trend. I don't like to tell everybody that "Hey, i love my girL. She's my girlfriend" or etc.

What about in your country? Do you like this trend? Will you wear it? If the answer is NO, let me know your reason.Have a nice weekend, Let me know your idea...

My blog post about this trend can be found at http://canifa.com/cach-mac-dep-ao-thun-cap. Thanks for reading,

Eh. To me it's not a big deal but it is slightly cheesy.I mean you don't literally need shirts that say, " I love my boyfriend." on it. I mean it should be pretty obvious and clear when out in public with them. I'd be more fine with it to where my man and I wear the same Mario shirts or something rather than shirts that say " I love my boyfriend" on it like no that's cheesy and overrated. 
I don't think we would do the shirts out in public though but we both don't have a problem with showing affection towards each other in public.

Sometimes I like to do it:) I also look for new clothes for him for instance on this site here. It really helps:)

Last time my gal gave me a gift of custom t shirt and "She is mine" was written on it. We had a date and she is also wearing a custom printed t shirt "He is mine" was written on it.
I love her
I love her idea
I love her love for me

That looks really nice. I like it



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