Fashion for Kids: How to make our kids look fashionable?

Hi all,Fashion is for all and Kids are, too. Fashion for kids seems to be a hard choice for parents because the kids are growing fast.I'm a fashion designer in Viet Nam and today, i will show you guys and girls about my newest fashion lookbook for kids. The collection is to introduce the down feather coats and jackets for kids which can be found at

The name of my collection is "Parents, i grew!".  The kid models in my collection are from the age of 4 to 9. They're all cute and inocent.Let's take a look at some of my photos:image
I love this photo very much. The fat kid looks very cute and happy in the costumes.imageimageThanks for watching!

Its better to leave the kids on their own. Now a days they are smart and know what they are wearing. Your collection is really good and there is no doubt kids won't love the outfits.

They usually come home covered in dirt anyway, I think they are more worried about having fun as kids. d:
Also after reading your post I just wanted to point out that you probably shouldn't go around calling kids "fat."


Most children nowadays want to wear wholesale sunglasses because they think they look cool while doing so. They see their favorite actors and musicians wearing them on television, and want to look like them. However, sunglasses in bulk for kids should not be worn just for the look. They need to be able to protect the user's eyes from the sunlight, which can be damaging after many years of exposure. Purchasing a quality pair of sunglasses for your child is important.

I would't sweat it too much - after all, they are a kid. However, I think more netural tones are quite trendy for kidswear - so not so much pink and blue and a variety of grey, white, black, and then some more muted tones - mint, peach, blush, light green.


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