How to wear simple and cute?

Hey girls! I need some help here.
How to wear simple and look cute? Do you have any idea?¿

My fav simple cute look is a long off shoulder tee with a tank under and black leggings.  For fall / winter, I would go full length leggings with boots

Cute tee with a short skirt and booties

Long tee, favorite jeans, hair clip, colorful shoes.

In colder weather I tend to add a best and substitute the shoes with boots.

As we're headed into the colder months, I would suggest leggings, a cute but simple solid color sweater, a scarf to match (should be printed to bring style to the outfit), and a pair of fashion boots. :)

We have a colder weather now and we need to wear thick clothes. Knitted oversize sweaters is great and pair it with a leggings and comfy boots. You can also wear a leg warmer to make it more warm and cozy. Accessorize with bow tie on your hair and some cute accessories that is perfect for the weather.

Wear simple means do not over dress. Looking cute means have the right attitude. What you wear depends on the occassion and the location. If you're going to a party, just hitting the road pr going to the beach with friends. They key is to dress appropriately. Basically, wearing a pretty smile will help you look cute rather than snobby. Outfit wise, to look simple and cute, I will go for a plain loose short and a high waist distressed blue jeans and a GUCCI boots. :)

Gucci boots sounds so expensive but I like how you dress. I love to have a Gucci boots also but I think I need to save more money just to buy those boots. My DH got me a ballet flats from MK but I can wear it now because we have colder weather now and I need to wear boots through out the day.

may be you can search online wearing sites,
i recommend you

depends on the seasons like on the winter times i wear a cute sweater or cute but simple long sleeves with skinny jeans and boots

I wear and own so many plain v-neck shirts, they are simple and super cute. I can match them with jeans or leggings or skirts.
and then depending on the weather boots, heels, sandals, sneakers (love converse)
I love accessories too, a simple outfit can be made super cute with a nice necklace, headband, or chunky belt

In winter I usually wear kinda baggy sweatshirt and jeans with sneakers and I find it pretty cute, and other seasons just jeans/shorts with a t-shirt and outerwear. When I see a girl dressed like that I always think it looks super cute. 

Little bit loose t-shirt and skinny jeans is perfect for simple and cute look.

Half and half sarees

Maybe you can search some inspirations on this site that sounds interesting right?

Hey. Just try to buy only classic clothes, preferably in good quality like white shirts, jeans and so on. Classic wardrobe is a plus - it will always be trendy :)

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