I cant be fashionable

My parents cant afford clothes, im 14 and i dress horrible, its that a problem? how can i make me prettier? i have dark blond hair, blue eyes, im skinny, and white skin; any beauty advices for me?

If you live in the US, some states have Plato's Closet, it's a second hand store but with brand name clothes for teenagers. If not just try a regular second hand store. They're not that bad. Even Forever 21 is cheap! They also have accessories and make up. You already sound pretty tho!

Use Google to locate second hand stores in your area.  You should be able to find some nice things there that someone just outgrew or something.  There are a huge number of tutorials on Youtube about fashions, makeup, hair, etc.  Lots of info there.  Look there first to get an idea what you want to look for when you shop.

Try opshopping or having a clothing swap with friends! (I've never been to one but the concept sounds sweet!) There's also an old saying that red lipstick can make any any outfit automatically look good so that's always an idea. There's this really nice fuschia matte one at forever21 that I wear all the time and it was like 3 dollars or something !! Btw you sound very pretty already !!

Personally what I think can help is going to second hand shops (trust me it's not as bad as it sounds). If you have a limited budget, buy essentials you can mix a match like a simple skirt, blouse, and jeans. From there use accesories to change up your outfit.

Platos closet is my life! lol. but other second hand stores are always great too. remember things like, if their is no shorts you like there, buy some okay fitting jeans and cut them! plus there are tons of ways to turn regular t-shirts into some really cool stuff just by cutting them! Lots of stores, like platos closet or college campus will buy some of your old clothes too, so you can buy new ones! give it a shot! message me! i kinda do this as a full time hobby. youd be amazed what you can turn your old clothes into! 

If you're good with sewing (or even if you're not, it's not too late to start!), you could try taking some old clothes or maybe some cool stuff from thrift shops or secondhand stores, and cutting and sewing them together in fun ways to make your own style! You could add colourful patches to jeans, maybe add a cute vest to a t-shirt, or sew some skirts together to make a layered one! It's all up to you! If your parents don't have a sewing machine, you can always do it by hand. In that case, I wouldn't reccomend anything over the top. As for makeup and hair, there are some awesome tutorials online for making your own lipstick out of crayons, doing cute hairstyles, and awesomely creative eye makeup designs. I'd say you should check out Pinterest or Tumblr for inspiration. Good luck! :33

may be you can shopping online,there are many nice fashion dresses with reasonable price.
recommend you these sites:

Why not? You can try maybe look at this site - www.luxusportal.pl/en/moda-i-styl/prezentacje. That could be inspiration don't you think?

Thanks for the suggestions!

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The beauty doesn't come from the way you dress.But make sure you wear a neat dress which makes you comfortable...All the best.

At first I would recommend create your hairstyle?

=13.0909pxI'm loving everything from KOI Couture at the moment.

=13.0909pxI'm loving everything from KOI Couture at the moment.

=13.0909pxI'm loving everything from KOI Couture at the moment.

Just be confident! Wear something you dont normally wear and rock it like a pro! You'd be surprised how many clothes look good on people who have some confidents :)

there are tones cute hairstyles . I would recommend experiment?
Long ponytail
Dutch braids
Updos I like curly?
Something with a fringe
Space buns http://www.gurl.com/2016/11/15/ridiculously-cool-double-bun-space-buns-hairstyles-tutorials/??
French twist

You can get a cheaper price online! They always provide a discount for new customers.


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