I want a new haircut...but I have no clue what to go for.

I have an oval face, (but not every haircut works for me btw.), thick hair, and it is naturally curly but its not a big deal. I don't know if maybe I should layer it or what. Right now I look nice with my cut but I want a different look. 

Post some pics of what styles you like.

If the current cut looks good on you maybe you can keep the shape around your face but shorten it. Don't go too short until you figure out what style you are going for. Then again it will grow back. 

so, that's hairculs for oval face
s for me, the best hairstyle is mohawk
Really, mohawk, even for girls))) 

 Some simple things can make a big difference, like sulfate free products (loreal makes a cheap line called EverPure you can get in any drug store); using either microfiber towels or just a cotton t-shirt on your hair; buying a satin pillow case to control the frizz in the mornings. This is a good youtube channel to watch for tips and advice as well:? http://www.youtube.com/waterlily716

?so, that's?hairculs for oval face
s for me, the best hairstyle is?mohawk
Really, mohawk, even for girls)))?

OO?The mohawk is a great hard look, certainly very striking...?hairstylezz?It's not a difficult style to create (cutting-wise),..for your everyday styling, it will take abit of skill, and a lot of hair-spray, but if you got the creative inclination you shouldn


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