where can i buy a corset at?

Can anyone tell me where I could get one please.

 You could try Hot Topic, but your best bet is online. 

This depends highly upon what you're looking for in a corset.

if you just want something to look sexy in for a romantic evening or a trip to the club or whatever, you can just get a cheap plastic-boned corset somewhere like Hot Topic, Frederick's of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret.

However, if you want an authentic corset for waist-training or tight-lacing, you need to drop a little more dough on a steel-boned corset. There are two kinds of steel boning - flat steel bones (more rigid and harder to move around in, but give excellent support and very effective waist training), or spiral steel bones, which are more flexible but not quite as shaping.

my favorite online corset retailer is http://www.orchardcorset.com . They have very high quality steel-boned corsets at very reasonable prices. If you are going to be wearing your corset for long periods of time (waist training), I recommend the underbust CS-426. I have that one in two different colors, which I use for waist training.

i am very knowledgeable about corsetry so let me know if you have any questions.

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