Top 5 Clothing Stores You Love

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Charlotte Russe
Old Navy
Forever 21

Macy's (New York City)
Nieman Marcus
Banana Republic
Forever 21

What about some stores with jewellery? Maybe you can find some interesting collection here - jewellery?

1. Axara
2. Mango
3. Soaked in Luxury
5. Zara

Nike, Levis?Urban Outfitters

1. Forever 21.
2. H&M.
3. Top Shop.
4. Urban Outfitters.
5. Nasty Gal.

1) Hot Topic
2) Aeropostale
3) Spencers
4) Walmart
5) ILoveBOTDF Merch Store

I'm probably more about style but I love comfort too. :D

1. Asos
2. H&M
3. New Look
4. Select
5. Primark

women's perfume with a unique, personal scent
best online shopping sites uk?
cheers :)

2.)Bergdorf Goodman
4.)Lilly Pulitzer
5.)Brandy Melville

2.)Forever 21
4.)Altar'd State
5.) Charlotte Russe

Hey I love!
Miss Pap
My Favourite Voucher Codes

Forever21, Aerie, Abercrombie, Hollister, Limited

1. Forever 21
2. Rue 21
3. Charlotte Russe
4. Burlington
No other store really lol

1. Monsoon
2. Laura Ashley
3. Crew Clothing
4. Romans Originals
5. La Redoute.

Monsoon is my absolute favourite by far, lots of gorgeous dresses, skirts, knitwear and shoes.

thank you


I prefer to shop online. My fav shop is a well-known Amazon. It's very convenient and doesn't take much time. But when you shop online always check carefully the address you write and the size chart. Recently I ordered little black dress but I missed one number in my postal code so my parcel was lost. Hope the delivery problem will be solved and I'll receive my dress in two weeks.

1. Topshop
2. Urban Outfitters

1. Wal-Mart
2. Old Navy
3. Torrid
4. Target
I don't really have a 5th.
I am more on comfort than style.

Try to shop from D'VIBGYOR once.

One can come again and again if shop once.

Really try once!

1. Limeapple - they have an online store?
2. H&M
3. Lululemon
4. Dynamite
5. Suzy Shier

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Angie X

1. Lane Bryant
2. Avenue
3. Ashley Stewart
4. Dressbarn
5. Catos

Forever 21
Next for children

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