Top 5 Clothing Stores You Love

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Sooo what are they? And! Are you more on comfort or style? Post you answers below!

1. H&M
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Charlotte Russe
4. Love Culture
5. Forever 21

I'm more on comfort but I don't mind going for style.

1.Forever 21
2.Urban planet
4.Second hand stores
Sorry only have four but am more for comfort.

Forever 21
American Eagle

...I only have 4. I like to think im a mix of both, but more comfort.

1. Nastygal (Their dresses are to DIE for, they're the reason why I'm broke most of the time, to be honest)
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Topshop
4. Solestruck (online store, they have AMAZING shoes on there)
5. H&M
I guess you can say I'm more "style" but I mix comfort into there as well a lot so I won't wear something totally outrageous or uncomfortable.

H&M, Second hand shops, C&A and I think that's it.

Tillys! Literally I buy everything here. Kinda skater- comfy clothes 

Love this place! Slales always happening, kinda a skater- rebel yet relaxed and comfy look <3 

I live in Sweden so I can't shop at the big American stores, my favourite American clothing chain is Forever21 though, they have everything! I also love New Look, Tally Weijl and Stradivarius when I'm travelling. The ones I actually shop at though are H&M, Gina Tricot, Cubus, Monki and BikBok... haha :)

I tend to online shop a lot around the holidays because they typically have really great sales, so my favorite online place to shop is 1) Alloy because they sell pants in extra long sizes. (Body Central also has a lot of cute stuff, but I have yet to purchase anything... it may be just a bit dressy for me) And as for actually going to stores...

4)American Eagle

The last two I usually only shop at after I've had birthday or something and have some extra money. And I've always wanted to shop at an H&M!! We don't have one around where I live, but all their thingsI see in magazines are super cute, so that's on my list! Also, I tend to like a lot of Urban Outfitters' things, but it's a bit over my budget, so I've never purchased there, either.

1.  Forever 21
2. Charlotte Russe
3. Victorias Secret
4.  Macys
5.  Sephoria

1.Vineyard Vines
3.Lilly Pulitzer
4.Ralph Lauren
5.random boutiques in college towns. They always have some of the best and cutest clothes.

1. Forever 21
2. Victoria's Secret
3. D.I.A - have to get that shipped over, but it's quality is...
4. CoCoLuLu
5. Miss Selfridge

I like all kinds of fashion, but I love the crazy stuff and change all the time :D

I Don't really have any "favorite" stores.. I'll shop pretty much anywhere there's clothes :)
But some stores i like going to are :
Urban planet

I usually go for more of a stylish yet comfy look :)


All Saints 
& Other stories
East, for scarves and accessories. I have a scarf addiction. It's unhealthy
H&M, for basics

I put comfort first, but style is important too. I'd never go out in sweatpants.

1. Topshop
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Forever 21
4. Brandy Melville
5. Pacsun

I definitley prefer to be comfortable although I still like to make sure my outfits nice :)

1. Forever21
2. H&M
3. Sephora
4. Celine Hudson
5. alex and ani

I love accessories so i had to put my fav ones in there ;D

There's several shops whose style I love, but I don't have the money to buy any of their stuff so I never have.
So the only one I can list is Rue 21, I get a lot of stuff there. Most everything else I own has been given to me by friends.

Abercrombie and Fitch
Forever 21
American Eagle
Charlotte Russe

forever 21
american eagle
abercrombie and fitch
H & M

1. zumiez
2. tillys
3. forever 21
4. odd future store
5. supreme

.......if the cloths isntt comfy im not wearing it

1 . wetseal , COME ON this is the best store ever!
2 . ulta , makeup :) just like putting on a bra , never forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 . forever 21
4 . kohls
5 . walmart
And those are my top 5 stores I love to shop at !!!!!!!!!

for me 

they got a wonderful clothes design and super safe to buy their and they alos free shipping world wide

1) Wet Seal (I alway spend over $100 on accident)
2) Forever 21
3) Rue 21
4) Love Culture
5) Nasty Gal (very expensive)

I try to go for comfort but I always go for style but if I am buying dress, is the best!

i only shop here at

No particular order...I like urban planet, VS (when I can afford it), second hand shops, blue notes. I don't shop much lately.

i love to shop here

1. Mainly second-hand stores
2. Good Goth
3. Hot Topic (For the TEE SHIRTS *tongue wags lol* )
4. Modcloth (OH MY GODDESSES LOVE!!!!)
5. Old Navy

If you like Pasta, Venice, and freebies, then this is the game for you!
All I ever wanted was to dress cute and eat spaghetti on a gondola is that too much to ask???

1. Old Navy.
2. Gordmans.
3. Forever 21.
4. Pac Sun
5. Rue 21.

I like many but but love the Amazon most.


1. Scotch and Soda (ughh i want every piece from every collection)
2. J.Crew (yeah its kind of mum-ish but really good basics and cashmere)
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Comme des Garcon 
5. Zara

1.  Forever 21
2.  Charlette Russe
3.  Victorias Secret
4.  Sephora
5.  Wet Seal

cassie.leighton:1.Vineyard Vines
3.Lilly Pulitzer
4.Ralph Lauren
5.random boutiques in college towns. They always have some of the best and cutest clothes.

same it

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