Makeover help? Need makeup/fashion tips!



So there's me.

I'm really bored with my look & need makeup tips.

I usually wear a little foundation & mascara, & my hair is a little different at the moment.

I'm also trying to wear heels more often.


Any tips based on my pic?


Thanks in advance!


I already do wear girly flats & a few pairs of boots lol

& I shop at Wet Seal a lot, but I DID find this pair of velveteen pumps I really like at Forever 21, so I'll shop there more often:)

& I do have some gold eyeshadow but I use it for bronzer sometimes.

I'll try to apply it as eyeshadow more often lol

Try doing a dark eye liner with a smoky  eye. It will make your eyes pop. And do a peach colored lip gloss. You will look fierce. As for your clothing, you look fine. You clearly know how to use accessories. And keep your hair the same as the picture. It looks awesome.


I love my hair short & I might keep it this way lol

As for the smokey eye, I've been too afraid to try it but now I will!

For starters, you have gorgeous skin! I would try tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of foundation! Mascara is good! Don't forgot to curl your lashes- Makes your eyes look even better! I would try to find good matte and sparkly eyeshadow around your skin tone! A good highlighter, blush and bronzer are always a good idea to have around- weither or not you use them everyday or not is your choice! I would also get a eyeliner-you might want it for days you want to feel glam! Your fashion is looking good! I would invest in a book about fashion and one about beauty I suggest: Seventeen fashion, Seventeen Beauty, Lauren Conrad Beauty, Lauren Conrad Style and Any book by Bobbi Brown! That will give you some pointers! For hair and makeup tips I have a subscription to Seventeen, Instyle, Allure, Lucky, Teen Vogue, GL, People Style Watch and Glamour! I love the Seventeen's hair/makeup week! I use it all the time when I need fast beauty! Pinterest is also great for inspiration! You can message me if you want more help! Hope this Helps!


Xoxo madsgirl155

1) Your hair looks amazing on you for 1! If you wanted to try something different though, maybe get an undercut done or something like that?

Make-up wise, maybe try a winged eyeliner. Nothing overly fancy, just slightly winged or something, and a voluminous mascara.

You could also contour your face differently, if you wanted too as well. 

I often use a lot of this girl's makeup tutorials and stuff, so if you want some ideas, here's the link to her videos and stuff.

Blend first stage with your establishment 

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It appears as though Romero read my brain, on the grounds that he promptly hit me with this tip: "You can wear cream establishment as is for obscure, full scope, or you can separate it to be more translucent by blending it with some first stage," he says. What? Isn't first stage just expected to happen before establishment? At the same time Romero says this is a surefire approach to hold the establishment's scope without looking hardened on. Furthermore, you get to harvest the dependable strength that cream establishment has over fluids and powders. Former says this additionally helps the cosmetics mix consistently with the first layer of preparation on your skin. For more latest ideas about make-up visite this website.

I raise my hand right now and approach if cream establishment is OK for slick skin. This is a self centered inquiry, in light of the fact that I battle with a mid-day slick t-zone. Make-up Designory Creative Director, Yvonne Hawker (who likewise composed the school's reading material) says everybody can utilize cream establishment, however those with slick skin ought to utilize a soggy wipe to apply it. Most establishments have oil in its equation to give the scope mix-capability. Utilizing the wipe will "get the shade, however not the oil in the establishment." in any case you'll get incredible scope, yet not the sparkle. 

For dry or mix skin sorts, "utilize your establishment brush and buff the establishment onto the skin, focusing on the focal point of your face, which is ordinarily where your skin has the most staining," says Hawker. "The further you get from the core, the less scope you need."

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