Hipster/Scene Chicks dress me!

I hate everything i own right now and I don't trust myself to dress me anymore LOL. I like kinda a hipster/scene look. 

I have about $200 to spend right now. So if you feel like shopping for me I would LOVE it. 

i thought this was sorta coot 

i dont know much about hipster style so i had to google it. i would have tried to find more pics but i kept accidentally hitting on scene girl porno links and got scared. 

hipster and scene should not be presented with a backslash, as if they are similar. they are two COMPLETELY different styles.



.........See the difference?


So which style are you going for?


Hipster usually involves minimal make-up (or none at all), very understaded woven clothing, sometimes floral patterns or plaids, often borrowing from vintage and even "granny-like" styles. and of course the massive frames are a plus.


Scene involves a SHT-TON of make-up, huge teased hair, often with lots of bright colors, dressing in a lot of pink and neon, etc...

Lmao i am a complete mixture so i figure if i get some outfit ideas i can pick and choose what i like.

i dont see why you cant mix the two, i thought fashion was supposed to be fun. maybe wear grandma-style but NEON!? scenester grannie, with big glasses and body paint. why not. create your own thingy, heh

no one is saying she can't combine the two or dress however the hell she wants - i just see people talking about hipter and scene as if they're the same thing, and i really do not understand why. they're nowhere even close to being similar.

where i'm from they hang out at the same clubs :smileyvery-happy:

Get ideas from this blog.




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