How much makeup do you wear?

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A little, not a whole lot though. Eyeliner and lip gloss are really the only two things that I wear constantly. Once in awhile I will do mascara as well.

NocturnalMistress:Must be nice for girls not to have to wear foundation. I would scare people if I didn't. 😛 

Why is that?

If it's everyday none, I don't the time or the patienceto put it on everyday.

NocturnalMistress:Because I'm ugly as shit without makeup.  

:-O Don't say that! 

baybay:I mean just for everyday, not dressing up and going out or anything. I usually just wear mascara, liner and lip gloss.??

I tend to wear liquid concealer (for dark under-eye circles), solid concealer stick (for my RAGING acne), some black eyeliner (a felt pen) and a metallic-amber lip gloss. If I'm going out for an occasion, I wear black lipstick.

To put on my everyday face? I use BB cream, mascara, and lip gloss,
but sometimes I am just lazy so I wash my face and use an oil control something and I'm done.

Foundation, sometimes BB cream for dark undereye circles and when I break out, black liquid eyeliner (way better for shar wings), black mascara, a smidge of blush, and nude or blush pink eyeshadow. And this is for every day...

I don't wear and yet. Mom said that I'm to young.

Powder foundation and mascara if I'm looking to look natural, but most days I also wear lipstick, blush, and eyeliner.

My daily routine includes mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and lip balm.

If I'm going to be somewhere other than at home, I usually wear foundation, shimmerey gold/brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara // sometimes I wear lipstick and concealer, but not on an everyday basis

Mascara ALWAYS , a litlle bit of red natural lipstick and blush::)

I just wear mascara

I don't prefer heavy make up on daily basis. I just use the eye liner and a bit of a lip gloss and I'm done.?

Well, I also prefer makeup depending on the day and function. If it's a normal day I would go for BB cream, any mild talcum, lip gloss and some kajal. ?

I think it could be called heavy makeup. Feel myself naked?without it

I will not leave the house unless I have mascara, eyeliner, and foundation on.

I do wear makeup but only occasionally. I don't like wearing a cherry red lipstick and going to my office. Rather I like to have a lip gloss. But, it is different if I have to go for a party. For my normal days, I prefer to have matching ear rings, some kajal and a lip gloss and liner. That will do for me.

Most days I don't wear any, sometimes a little. Mostly I'm just too tired or busy in the morning to spend a whole lot of time for makeup.. But if I'm dressing up for something then I wear some.. But even then not much compared to some other girls I know.

I just wear mascara too

For every day, it goes like: Sunscreen-> BB cushion-> Eye Liner-> Lip Balm :P

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I love eye makeup but I rarely get to wear it. And I live for lipgloss!

For everyday: foundation, setting powder, eyeliner, mascara, blush, highlighter, eyebrow pencil. It seems like a lot but going light with the products makes a natural look.

Lip balm and sometimes eye liner

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