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My name is Deanna. I'm 28 years old. I live alone. I have house rental and other expenses. I started my own business for this. I sell products from Amazon. To support me, you can get it from my products.

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Product features:

We Make Your Shoes Happy!

Imagine you could buy as many shoes as you want without cluttering your shoe rack or your bedroom! Keep them safely stored and within easy reach. No more scratches or dirt stains, no more hassle to find your favorite boots! With Stroow Multi Shoe Organizer this is not only possible, it?s also easy and fun! Featuring an anti-slip design to make sure the shoes stay in place, these cool shoe organizers:

    [*]Help you organize your closet and save space
    [*]Protect your shoes and closet from dirt and scratches
    [*]Simplifies your life and declutters your house
    [*]Double the storage capacity, allowing you to buy more shoes
    [*]Fit all kind of shoes, from flats to stiletto (under 6?)

Versatility at Its Best!Unlike standard shoe organizers that are either too small or too narrow to fit all kinds of shoes, Stroow Shoes Holders are truly made with your shoes in mind. From flats to sneakers and from sandals to high heeled boots, all your shoes have a place on the indoor shoe organizer. This tremendous versatility makes Stroow Holders for Shoes a great choice as:

    [*]Athletic shoe organizer
    [*]Kids shoe organizer
    [*]Running shoe holder
    [*]Shoe holder for women
    [*]Shoe organizer for boys and girls
    [*]Dance shoe organizer
    [*]High heel shoe organizer

Outstanding QualityThe quality of our shoe rack holders differentiates us from our competitors and makes Stroow Shoe Organizer Sets stand out from the crowd. Made from ultra-durable plastic, these wide shoe organizers come in sets of 6 pieces black (enough for 6 pairs of shoes). Durable and adjustable, Stroow Shoes Storage Organizers are:

    [*]Designed to fit higher heeled shoes and boots (5.5 inches)
    [*]Made from non-slip ABS plastic to prevent slipping
    [*]Suitable for closet shelves, cabinets, floors, and racks​

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Now american?online shopping has become easier as you can shop for international brands and have them shipped directly to you.


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