Curious about skimpy bikini

I have been looking looking for a new bikini and im kinda tempted to go for one thats actually kinda skimpy and showy.
I found some that i think looks really pretty and would be kinda nice? to wear.
Some are real thongs but others cover the butt alittle but all are kinda showy both in front and back.
I cant really explain it really but it would? feel kinda exciting i guess and the ones that i found are really pretty plus you get a nice tan.

What do you think about that? Would it be okay to wear something like that or am i crazy? What do you say?
I think i have a okay figure and people tell me i look good.

I think if you find one you like you should wear it. Something more revealing could be nice and let you get a good tan but it depends how comfortable you are.?

Yes i think so too i found a couple of ones that i really like and look super cute. It would feel really nice to wear if i had the courage but idk kinda nervous too. Thats kinda why im unsure. Should i try to be more brave or not? :D

why are you nervous? I think if you go for it you will be able to get more comfortable. btw did you get my msg?

Heya sorry i saw ur message now did you get my reply?

no I don't see it yet.?

That one looks really cute!

Someone else??

i have a friend who joins me for swimming sometimes and she wears that sort of bikini
she does have quite a bum on her and her breasts a lot more grown out
are you the same? youd probaly atract attention from the boys but okay if you dont mind

Like the one i showed earlier in the link? Does she like to wear it and does ppl comment about it and what does she think about it ? I dont have big breasts but ppl say that i have a good butt

I think you should wear it, you won't know until you try it!!

You can have a pair of daisy dukes with you, so if you want to (for example) walk around a shopping area or get ice cream or whatever, you can put the shorts on and not feel like you stand out as much.

Here is my idea of swimwear though. I think there are some things, like say thongs, that people feel ok judging you for, and other things that I think are just as sexy that people don't judge you for as much. Specifically I like bikinis but ones that I think accentuate my body (this can be for different reasons but one I think a lot of people underrate is, if it's cut a little loose, the fabric can move around in ways that are accidental but still draw attention, I am not talking about wearing the wrong size just how the fabric is cut and how the leg holes are stitched), but that aren't a special "sexy" cut like thong or almost-thong, my evil plan is that I want to be checked out, but I don't want people to know why they are checking me out. So like, if somebody thinks I am sexy they can feel sheepish for looking at me that way because I'm wearing a regular bikini so it's not my fault!! If that makes sense lol (it may not to anybody but me). Also I can wear it around family, or old people or children without being self conscious, again if they check me out it is their fault not mine!!

The only problem is that to find one like this, you are going to need to try a lot on and most likely you will need a girlfriend who understands what you are going for who can help you judge them. Just seeing a picture of it on a model may be misleading.

Yes yes i totally understand what you mean ! I sometimes adjust the bottom so it can move around alittle so its not really my "fault" if its sitting different. When im lying on the beach i like to fold it so its low on my hips and sometimes i pretend that i forgot to adjust it back when im getting up it feels pretty nice. But i kinda wanna try out soemthing that you cant adjust back hehe i dunno but it would be like the next thing to try out and if i pulled it off i would feel pretty confident and look pretty at the same time i hope i explained it good

I feel it completely depends on your size, I am a midsize, and this can be fine with me, but I think I dont have guts to wear such skimpy piece of cloth on me. (Personal choice). But lets say if I was anything beyond C cup, I will never dare to wear this, a thin strap is difficult to handly those bouncy parts.?

I think you should first try and see, if its comfortable for you to go around, without any malfunction, then go for it. I bet you will look cute :)

I am also pretty shy but i hope i can be more brave this summer i have kinda tiny boobies so mine wont bounce anywhere hehe
Aw thankyou i really hope so but i still havent decided which one to chose which ones is everyones fav on that site i showed earlier ?


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