Curious about skimpy bikini

I have been looking looking for a new bikini and im kinda tempted to go for one thats actually kinda skimpy and showy.
I found some that i think looks really pretty and would be kinda nice? to wear.
Some are real thongs but others cover the butt alittle but all are kinda showy both in front and back.
I cant really explain it really but it would? feel kinda exciting i guess and the ones that i found are really pretty plus you get a nice tan.

What do you think about that? Would it be okay to wear something like that or am i crazy? What do you say?
I think i have a okay figure and people tell me i look good.

I think if you find one you like you should wear it. Something more revealing could be nice and let you get a good tan but it depends how comfortable you are.?

Yes i think so too i found a couple of ones that i really like and look super cute. It would feel really nice to wear if i had the courage but idk kinda nervous too. Thats kinda why im unsure. Should i try to be more brave or not? :D

why are you nervous? I think if you go for it you will be able to get more comfortable. btw did you get my msg?

Heya sorry i saw ur message now did you get my reply?

no I don't see it yet.?

That one looks really cute!

Someone else??

i have a friend who joins me for swimming sometimes and she wears that sort of bikini
she does have quite a bum on her and her breasts a lot more grown out
are you the same? youd probaly atract attention from the boys but okay if you dont mind


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