Beginner's guide to makeup?

Hi im 17 :) Recently I've been really wanting to start doing makeup but don't know where to start. Anyone got any sets to recommend for a beginner? or sites to look at??

Thanks :)

You should check out my beauty page, totally awesome make-up brands with great prices. Check back often too we add new stuff all the time. All the coolest and new make-up is there. Go here!

I am a noob too but when it comes to?everyday makeup routine, I simply follow these steps.
Daytime Makeup?

    [*]Step 1: Foundation.
    [*]Step 2: Concealer.
    [*]Step 3: Curl the lashes.
    [*]Step 4: Eyeshadow.
    [*]Step 5: Mascara.
    [*]Step 6: Eyebrows.
    [*]Step 7: Cheeks.
    [*]Step 8: Lips.

I'm new to make-up, so this is SO HELPFUL! :)

I'm not allowed to wear much makeup but this is great and very helpful (for those special occasions!) Thanks for posting!


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