What sunglasses to buy ?

I'd like to buy something cheap ($30-40), but with good lenses. I've googled it, but there are so many brands, and don't know what to choose? Empyre, SensoLatino, Gemini, Lulu, Tifosi Optics and so on.


Hey, Sunglasses have become one of the essential accessories. It acts as a style statement and also protects your eyes. The range of fashion designer sunglasses to faux designer sunglasses. There are number of Fashion Sunglasses Distributors that are Selling Sunglasses in bulk. I think you can also buy sunglasses in bulk instead of a single sunglass in your budget.

=mediumThis style may not always be the most fashionable but they are the safest as they offer more UV protection at the sides of the face (and they do come back into style every once in a while -?you'll be ahead of the trend!).

These are gorgeous, very timeless!


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