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"The? offer stands." Adrian laughed.

"I doubt I'll ever use that offer," Hadley chuckled. She didn't show her paintings to anyone, she rarely kept most of them. It was usually just a good stress reliever for her.

"I bet you're better than you think you are." Adrian pointed out. "Most people are."

"Like I said it's just a stress reliever for me when I want to sit at home and relax," She told him.

"What about swimming? You good at that atleast." He teased her.

"Yes, I am good at swimming," Hadley said with a chuckle.

"Thank goodness you're good at something." He teased her.?

"I'm good at my job," Hadley defended with a smirk.

"Very good." Adrian agreed. "I'm glad my uncle hired you."

"Yeah I'm glad he did too," Hadley said, "There were three of us interns and only one would get a job out of it."

"He must have been really impressed with you and that's not easy for him." Adrian noted.

"Yeah," Hadley shrugged, she always guessed it was out of pity because of what happened to her, "I worked my butt off."

"It paid off. You're great at your job." Adrian pointed out.

"Thank you," Hadley said with a grin, "You're great at yours too, your work is amazing."

"Thank you. I take it this was a good place for a date?" He asked her.

"Yes, this is perfect actually," Hadley told him with a smile.

"This mean I get a third date?" Adrian half-teased.

"Yeah, I guess," Hadley shrugged before giving him a smile.

(Want to skip ahead a little? I was thinking for Ethan's parole hearing, maybe the reason Hadley's testimony doesn't keep him in jail is because he claims they had a secret relationship and she didnt want to get fired from her job or something which is why she cried rape, so the judge has some doubts about whether or not she's been honest and lets him make parole?)

(Poor Hadley :( But yes it's so dramatic and that works for me! - We can skip a few weeks then, maybe Hadley and Adrian are exclusive but not official yet, so she hasn't told him about her rape and she feels the need to tell him now that she's having to go and testify.)
Hadley read the email six times, she couldn't believe that he was already up for parole. This man ruined her life, made her scared of almost everything, she could barely kiss Adrian because it brought up horrible memories for her. She knew she couldn't cry in her office so she held it in and stayed as strong as she could like she had been since the incident.

Adrian finished a photoshoot and texted Hadley when it was over. He loved spending time with her, even though he felt she was holding back from him. Things were slow but great nonetheless. *Want to have dinner at my place tonight?*

Hadley pulled her gaze away from her computer when she felt her phone buzz. *Sure, what time should I come over?* She replied back to him.

"How about 7?* He texted back.

"Okay, I'll see you then," Hadley responded before getting back to work. She went to her boss's office to talk about her testimony she was going to have to give.

Adrian got home from his shoot and started working on a romantic dinner for Hadley. He always wanted to impress her.

Hadley's day never got better after recieving her news about the trial. She finally packed up for the day and headed home. She went and laid on her bed, falling asleep. She woke up from her nap a little before 7 and rushed to get to Adrian's on time.

Adrian kept checking the time as he waited on Hadley. SHe was only a few minutes late but it wasn't like her so he tried calling her cell.

Hadley heard her phone ringing and answered it, "Hey, I'm sorry," She said, turning at the stoplight, "I'm like two minutes away," She told him.

"I thought you were standing me up." Adrian teased her.

"I would never," Hadley chcukled into the phone, "I'll see you soon," She told him before hanging up. Soon enough she was at his place, she walked in the front door, "I'm sorry again, I took a nap after work and didn't think I'd sleep that long," She chuckled, moving her hair out of her face as she took her heels off.


"It's okay. Dinners still warm." Adrian said and moved the food to the table. "You look beautiful by the way."

"Thank you," Hadley said, "This is what I wore to work, I wanted to change but slept instead," She chuckled.

"You look cute in your work?clothes." he pointed out.?

"Thanks," Haldey chuckled once more, "What did you make?" She asked.

"Spaghetti. It's one of the only things I know how to make." Adrian laughed.

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