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"You don't like surprises at all?" Adrian asked curiously.

"I like knowing what's going on at all times," Hadley admitted with a chuckle.

"Its not far." Adrian said as he sped up.

"Great," Hadley smiled as she looked out the window, "How's your week been?" She asked.

"Its been good. How about yours?" Adrian asked, glancing over at her.

"It was good, I won two cases," Hadley smiled.

"That's great. What kind of cases were they?" Adrian asked.

"One was a lawsuit and another was a divorce case," Hadley told him.

"So you do a bunch of different types?" Adrian stated more than asked.

"Yeah, I'm not too high up in the firm so I get the smaller cases," She explained.

"Still, you've got a cool job." Adrian pointed out.

"And you don't?" Hadley said, she thought his job was so cool.

"I love my job but it doesn't earn respect the way being a lawyer does." He pointed out.?

"Eh, it's not as magical as it seems sometimes," Hadley shrugged.

"Yeah? Why's that?" Adrian asked.?

"I've dealt with a lot of bad cases and some petty cases," Hadley shrugged, "Not all my clients are easy to work with."

"How did I rank?" Adrian asked, glancing over at her.

"You were a lot better than some," Hadley told her, "You took my advice and we won the case. I also believe that if we wouldn't had won your case that you would've taken it like an adult, not all do."

"Some people have a lot more to lose than I did." Adrian pointed out.

"Very true," Hadley nodded, looking out the window, "How much further is this surprise?" She asked.

"Its right up here." Adrian said as he pulled up to the art show.

"And where are we exactly?" Hadley asked as she looked out the window.

"Art show. I thought you might like to see some of my work like I promised." Adrian told her.

"Yes, I would," Hadley said with a grin.
(So two ideas, either she gets called into testify at Ethan's parole hearing or Ethan could already be out/get out and he gets a job as a bus boy or waiter or something that's a "background" job and she sees him while she's out with Adrian)

"I'm glad because I don't have a backup plan." Adrian laughed before getting out to open her door.

(it could be both. she could testify at his parole hearing but he could be released anyway and then later he could be a bus boy and she could see him while on a date with Adrian)

"Thanks," Hadley said before following him inside.
(That works for me!)

"These are my rivals over here." Adrian teased, showing her the display from other artists.

Hadley nodded, "I can't compare until I see yours," She chuckled.

"It's right over here." Adrian laughed and walked over to the back wall.

"Wow," Hadley said as she looked at all of them, "These are great," She told him with a smile.

"Thank you. I'm glad you like them." He said as he smiled at her.

"Tell me more about this one," She said as she pointed to one of the pictures.

"Andrea helped me with that one actually. She kept a caterpillar as a pet just so I could photograph it hatching from its cocoon as a butterfly." He said, looking at the close up of the wings.

"It's beautiful," Hadley smiled, thinking it was nice for him to incorporate his sister.

"Thank you." Adrian smiled at her.

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