Prisoners RPG

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"Do you want me to pick you up?" Adrian asked her.?

"I can meet you there," Hadley told him, nervous to let anyone she didn't know extremely well over to her place.

"I can text you the address." Adrian told her.?

"Yeah, that works for me," Hadley smiled.

"Its a date." Adrian smiled at her.

Hadley just smiled, "Yes, but let's focus on this case for right now."

"Yeah, sorry." Adrian laughed and looked at the file.

Hadley chuckled before going over what she was going to present and say in the trial. Once that was done she closed her folders, "Ready to get in there?" She asked as she looked to her watch for the time.

"I guess so." Adrian said and took a deep breath.

"You're going to do great," Hadley reassured him before heading to the courtroom.

"I get nervous infront of judges." Adrian laughed weakly.

"You shouldn't be, you're not the defendant," She told him.

"They could still get away with it." He pointed out.

"That's why you've got me," Hadley smiled.

"You think we'll win?" Adrian asked.

"We've got a pretty solid case, I think you need to go in there with confidence," She told him.

"I will." Adrian smiled softly.

(I was reading to see how we were going to get Ethan to see her and it was in the courthouse.)
Hadley smiled as she waiting patiently outside of the room with him for them to be called in.

Ethan walked?into the courthouse?in cuffs. He was having a parole hearing and hoping for the best when he looked up and saw Hadley down the hallway. He smiled and whistled at her to get her attention. "Come to speak for me babe?" he called out to her before being yanked aside by the security guard.

Hadley looked up when she heard a voice that haunted her, she was spooked and dropped all of her folders when she saw Ethan down the hallway.

Adrian looked to the prisoner and back to Hadley. "You okay?" he asked, bending down to pick up the papers.

Hadley felt frazzled, "Ye-yeah I..I'm fine," She said as she tried to scramble to get her papers back together.

"Whats wrong?" Adrian asked, knowing something was off with her. "Is it the prisoner? Those guys thing they're all tough but its just talk."

Hadley shook her head as she gathered her folders, "My firm represented him a few years ago," She said, "He is not a good person and deserves to be behind bars."

"What did he do?" Adrian asked curiously.

Hadley shook her head, "A lot of things, I'd rather not get into it before the hearing," She told him.

Adrian nodded before they were called into the courtroom.

Seeing Ethan had thrown Hadley off a little but, but she was able to keep it together enough to win the case for Adrian.

Adrian smiled as the judgment was ruled. He couldn't believe they actually won it against such a big company. " really did."

"Congratulations," Hadley said, "Not only are you getting your photos back but you should be getting a big check to go with it."

"Thank you so much Hadley." Adrian smiled. "Care for a drink to celebrate?"

Hadley walked out of the courtroom and him to the hallways and saw Ethan's lawyers from her firm, "I'd love to but I have a lot to catch up on," She told him, ?"But I am excited for this Saturday," She said.

"Me too. I'll see you then." Adrian smiled at her and headed out of the courthouse.

"See you then," Hadley smirked before heading over to Ethan's lawyers, "How... how is his case for parole going?" She asked.

"Pretty good actually. He's been a model inmate." One of the lawyers said.

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