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Hadley was shocked by the decision, she hung her head and couldn't help to begin to cry at the thought that Ethan would be back on the streets.

Ethan and his lawyer smiled and shook hands as the judge dismissed the courtroom. He looked back and smiled at Hadley. He didn't plan on staying away from her.
?"Come on." Adrian said, putting his arm around her again. He wanted to shield her from that scumbags eyes.?

Jack followed the two of them out of the courtroom, "Hadley, I'm so sorry," He told her, "Why don't you take the next few days off, things are slow at the office anyways," He said. Hadley was stunned, she couldn't even speak. She just nodded as she stood there outside the courtroom.

"I'll take you home." Adrian said, keeping her pulled to him. He couldn't imagine what she was going through. ?

Hadley just nodded as she walked with Adrian out to the parking lot, she stopped in her tracks when she saw Ethan getting into the prison van for the last time.

"he can't hurt you. You'll get a restraining order and if he even looks at you, we'll get him locked up." Adrian said?

Hadley nodded, "Wait until the van is gone," She said softly, "I don't want him knowing what kind of car you drive."

Adrian nodded and watched the van pull away. "You need anything before we go to your house?"?

"No, I just want to get home," Hadley said softly as she walked with him to his car and got in the passenger side.

Adrian got in the car and headed towards her apartment.

Hadley rested her hand on her hand against the window as he drove.

"you okay?" Adrian asked her.?

Hadley shook her head as she took his hand next to her.

"It won't be this bad forever." Adrian said softly?

"I just don't want him hurting anyone else," Hadley said softly.

"You can't think about that." Adrian said. "He's on parole. If he makes one wrong move, he's back in jail."

"And look how he got out of jail," Hadley said as she looked over at him.

"That wasn't your fault. None of this is." He said as he pulled up to her apartment.

Hadley unbuckled and got out of the car before finding her keys her purse.?

"Want me to go in with you?" He asked, not knowing if she'd want to be left alone

"Please," Hadley said as she finally found her keys, she didn't want to be alone.

Adrian shut his car off and got out. "I could make you a drink? Might take be edge off a bit."

"That would actually be wonderful," Hadley said as she unlocked her door and headed inside.

"Relax and find a movie to watch or something." Adrian said, shutting the door behind them.

Hadley took off her shoes by the door before heading into her bedroom. She changed into an old college sweatshirt and leggings before grabbing a blanket and sitting down on the couch.

Adrian got a drink for them each and brought it to her. "This is a little strong. Don't ask whats in it."

Hadley gave him a nervous look before she took a sip, "Oh my God," She said with a chuckle as she coughed.

"Told you its strong." Adrian chuckled and sipped his drink.

"What did you put in this?" Hadley asked.

"A lot of alcohol." Adrian laughed.

"I don't have that much in my kitchen," Hadley chuckled.

"Its a mix of everything you've got and then some juice and spices for flavor." He told her. "Learned it in college."

"It's horrible," Hadley laughed as she set the cup down on her coffee table.

"But its great for a buzz." Adrian said.

"No offense babe but I think I'm just gonna pour myself a glass of wine," Hadley said as she got up and headed to the kitchen.

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