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"And are you still an intern there now?" He asked her.

"No, I was offered a job there at the end of my internship once I graduated law school," Hadley said.

"So you've worked your way up." The lawyer nodded. "I assume you've dated over the years as well?"

Hadley cleared her throat, "Not too much, I was pretty focused on school," She told him.

"But you've dated some, yes?" The lawyer asked.

"Yes, but why is that relevant?" Hadley asked him as she watched him pace in front of her, keeping her eyes off of Ethan.

"I'm just trying to figure this out.?How does a?young, ambitious law student working a coveted internship at a large firm find time, and men, to date? And you must have spent a lot of time with Mr Porter, working on his defense. Isn't it likely the two of you became friendly with each other?" he asked.

"We rarely spoke actually," Hadley said, "I was the intern, I did the research and I sat back to listen and learn, I rarely worked one on one with Mr. Porter."

"When in doubt, deny deny deny." The lawyer smirked. "So you expect us, and the judge, to believe that you and Mr Porter were rarely in each others company and yet somehow he managed to find the time to assault you without motivation?"

"I'm not denying anything, I'm telling you the truth," Hadley defended, "The things that he did to me that night are things I would never wish upon anyone ever. The fact that you are discrediting me is horrifying and disrespectful."

"It appears you've learned a lot from your firm." The lawyer smirked. "A little funny that you were close to the end of your internship when you made this allegation isn't it? If they knew you were sleeping with a client, they wouldn't have offered you a job would they?"

"I never would sleep with a client," Hadley told him, "Ethan Porter is a disgusting monster who should not be granted parole. He followed me home and forced himself in my apartment. He physically assaulted me before he raped me for all hours of the night. I had to move out because I couldn't bare to be in that apartment anymore. I had to graduate a semester late from law school because I couldn't focus on my school work. I spent months in therapy before finally accepting my job and starting. ?He can't get away with this, he can't go free. There's no telling whether or not he'll fixate himself on another woman and does the same thing to her." Hadley said as she composed herself.

"So its fair to say you're desperate to see him stay in jail, is that right?" The lawyer asked. "You're almost hysterical over it."

"Because what victim would want their attacker to be free?" Hadley asked him.

"Or you don't want the relationship to be made public and risk your new job." The lawyer said.

"There's no relationship to be made public," Hadley said, "I find it quite odd that this accusation is coming up now and not when he was on trial two years ago."

"So again, you expect us to believe you and Mr Porter were not in a relationship?" He asked her.

"There was no relationship between myself and Mr. Porter," Hadley told him matter of factly.

"Is it true you're now dating the nephew of your boss?" The lawyer asked.?

Hadley's eyes went to Adrian before answering the question, "Yes." She said.

"So it seems you invested in some job security as this hearing approached." The lawyer nodded. "I have no further questions"

Hadley was taken aback by his final comment to her, she could've screamed. "If there are no further witnesses the court will recess for thirty minutes while a decision is made," The judge said and looked around, he banged his gavel once no one spoke up. Hadley made her way back to Adrian and Jack, she knew she couldn't cry here.

"Come on." Adrian wrapped his arm around her and led her out of the court room. "The judge won't believe that guy for a second. It'll be okay."

Jack led the three of them to a briefing room so Hadley could have some privacy, she couldn't even sit down. "It's not true, none of what he said was true," She said frusterated, "If it was why didn't he use that in his initial case?"

"It's obvious he's lying. There's no way he'll make parole." Adrian assured her.?

"It's just so frusterating," Hadley said as she ran a hand through her hair. "Jason is a smartass," Jack said, referring to Ethan's lawyer, "I'm sure they concocted this story last night since it sounds like they threw it together last minute."

"That's asshole is going to stay right where he belongs." Adrian said.?

Hadley closed her eyes as she leaned against him, "Did you see him up there with that smirk on his face," She said, trying to get the image out of her head, "He knows this is all getting to me."

"He cant hurt you anymore." Adrian said, wrapping his arms around her.

Jack looked at his watch, "We better get back in there," He said, "And Hadley, be glad he pointed out that he was my nephew and not your client first becasue then you really would've been in hot water." He told her before heading back to the courtroom. "You don't think he believes him?" Hadley said, Jack sounded upset with her.

"There's no way he believes him." Adrian said, looking between her and jack.?

"You don't believe him right, you know I would never make any of this up," Hadley said nervously.

(Do you want me to play Jack here?)

"Hadley, you know I've never doubted you. Jason's a little snake but he's a good liar. You need to be prepared if the judge decides in his favor." Jack explained.

(I was having her ask Adrian, but that's fine too lol)?
Hadley nooded before taking a deep breath and standing up. She followed Jack back into the court room with Adrian.

The judge got back into his seat and looked towards Jack and Hadley. "While I'm sympathetic to the hardships this has brought onto Miss Simpson, there is no evidence to suggest that Mr Porter is a danger to society. Given his model prison record and his testimony here today, I have no choice but to grant his parole."

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