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Hadley nodded before pulling away, she wiped under her eyes a bit, "Wow that was a lot to unload on you," She chuckled nervously.

"Everyone got a past right?" Adrian teased, hoping to make her feel better.

"Unfortunately so," Hadley shrugged.

"Are you okay now?" Adrian asked her.

"In this moment? Yes." She told him with a smile, "It feels like a weights been lifted to be able to tell you."

"Who else knows?" Adrian asked her.

"My parents, my brother, your uncle, and that's it," Hadley told him.

"Thanks for trusting me." Adrian said sincerely.

"Thanks for being trustworthy," Hadley smiled before pecking his lips softly.

"You're welcome." Adrian smiled after kissing her.

Hadley laid her head back on his shoulder with a smile before watching the tv.

Adrian sat back and wrapped an arm around her.

Hadley let out a yawn, even with her afternoon nap the day had really taken a toll on her.

"Do you want to lay down?" Adrian asked.?

"I'm comfortable right here," Hadley said softly.

Ethan sat in the courtroom and kept an eye out for Hadley. Even if he was denied parole today, he didn't care as long as he could see her.

"I feel like I'm going to puke," Hadley said as she paced outside of the courtroom. Jack closed his folder and shut his briefcase, "You're going to be fine," He assured her, "We've gone over your testimony, it'll be surprising to see him get parole."

"Don't even look at him. Look at me and Jack okay?" Adrian told her. He was worried she'd break down in there.

Hadley just nodded as she looked at Adrian, she was happy he was here to support her but she didn't think she was ready for him to hear the full details of that night. Jack stood up, "Let's get this started," He said as he opened the courtroom door, Hadley took Adrien's hand as they walked inside, taking a seat in one of the rows.

The judge began the proceedings and let Ethans lawyer speak, who called him to the stand.

(do you want to play his lawyer who questions him about his relationship with Hadley?)

(Sure, and you can play him when it's her turn to speak?)
"Mr. Porter, you're here today becasue you're up for parole," His lawyer noted to the court, "Based on your charges and your clean record in prison the court has decided to give you this chance. Do you have anything to say regarding any of the charges and why you should be granted parole before we begin the hearing?"

Hadley squeezed Adrian's hand hard when Ethan took the stand, she hadn't seen him in two years and he looked just as terrifying as he did then.

"Yes, I think the court should know the charges brought against me were a result of false claims by Hadley Simpson." Ethan said, eyeing her?and trying not to smile. "We had a consensual relationship when I was a client of her law firm and when it got out, she cried rape to save her job."

"Fucking bastard." Adrian muttered under his breath as?he squeezed Hadley's hand back.?He wanted to kill him for all of this.

Hadley started tearing up when he said that, it was false and she hoped the court would know he was lying.
"You're saying that the rape didn't happen, that sex between the both of you was consensual from when you met her in July of 2015? when you became a client of the McAllister and Associates Law Firm until that November when you were arrested?"

"Yes. We knew it was a risk to her job but we fell for each other, or at least thats what I thought. I thought she loved me but I guess she didn't." Ethan said, looking to her again.
"Can he get away with this?" Adrian whispered to Jack.

"Interesting," His lawyer said, "Now as for the other crimes, the charges placed against you before the rape allegations, do you have anything to say about those?" He asked.
Hadley wiped a tear with her free hand, she couldn't beleive this.

"There's no excuse for what I did. I was heavily addicted to drugs and desperate for a fix. I take full responsibility for that." Ethan said, remembering what his lawyer told him to say.

"And if you're granted parole, how do you plan to live as a normal citizen?" He asked.

"I plan to get a job and my own place. Become a happy, normal member of society." Ethan explained.

"That's all I have your honor for Mr. Porter," He said.

(i dont know how parole hearings go. would another lawyer question him now or would his lawyer question Hadley now?)

(I have no idea either but I don't think it's like a normal hearing so Hadley could take the stand now.)

"You can step down now." The judge told him before looking to the lawyer. "Anyone else you'd like to call?"
"Yes your honor. I'd like to call Hadley Simpson to the stand."

Hadley gripped Adrian's hand before pulling herself together to take the stand.

"Hello Mrs. Simpson." The lawyer began. "Would you care to explain how you met Mr Porter?"

"I was an intern at the McAllister and Associates Law Firm when Mr. Porter became a client," Hadley said.

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