Prisoners RPG

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I bet there's rich folks eating in a fancy dining car
They're probably drinkin' coffee and smoking big cigars.
Well I know I had it coming, I know I can't be free
But those people keep a movin'
And that's what tortures me.

Plot: The rp follows the lives of prisoners and the people they and their crimes affect: loved ones, victims, survivors, etc. Everyone is struggling to cope- either with guilt, or rebuilding their life, or to maintain relationships, or to burn bridges altogether.

No need for a big plot when it's just us!

Inmate info

Ethan Porter
Currently incarcerated
Ethan grew up a troubled kid to a poor family. He dropped out of high school and got heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol, which brought out his violent temper. He's even put his ex in the hospital a few times. When he's sober he's a completely different person but he never stays sober long enough to show it. To pay for his habbit, he robbed some old lady at an ATM at gun point. He was caught and awaiting trial when he met Hadley. She worked for his lawyers and she was the only one who didn't treat him like a criminal. She flirted with him, or so he thought. He got angry that she led him on and one night he got drunk and high and decided to follow her home and attack her. He got 5-10 years?for all the charges but he's only serving 3 and already up for parole thanks to his good behavior. He's sober, for now, and wants to make good with Hadley. He?even asked?her new law firm for help?with his?other case just so he can?get close to her.?

Frankie Sumner
Frankie has schizoaffective disorder which is basically?a combination of schizophrania and bipolar disorder. She's usually on medications that keep her sane but she had to go off of them when she got pregnant with her second child. At 12 weeks?pregnant, she took her three year old, Ruby, out shopping when a woman complimented Frankie on her adorable daughter and offered the child a sucker. Frankie became paranoid and suddenly thought the woman was trying to kidnap Ruby so she attacked her. Despite her medical history, the judge showed little compassion and setenced her to a 6 month stretch in jail. She's got a couple months left and her baby is due soon. Her husband and daughter come visit but its hard being locked up, especially because she can't take her meds until the baby is born. Everyday she struggles to fight her delusions but shes trying to stay strong until she can be at home with her family.

August Sumner, 32
Accountant | Husband | Father
August has always been a very level headed indvidual but someone who also has a big heart. He always likes to play it safe and did everything he was supposed to do to get to where he is today. A few years ago he met Frankie and fell in love with her vibrant personality. Later in their relationship he found out about her mental disorders but understood how her medications helped her. He knew he could help her too and decided to stay with her. The two eventually got married and had a child, with a second one on the way. He didn't know what to do at first when he learned about his wife attacking someone and her sentencing. Her first pregnancy had nothing like that occur while she was off her medications. He feels that this might need to be their last child so that she won't have to go off of her meds again. He visits her as often as allowed, most of the time bringing their daughter Ruby. He has already set up a therpist for her when she gets out of prison to help her cope with her sentencing, being back on her medications, and a new baby in the mix.

Hadley Simpson,?28
Lawyer | Rape/Assault Victim
Growing up, Hadley was always a very shy little girl. She was a book worm who stuck to her studies rather than going after boys when she was in high school. That worked out for her in the long run and allowed her to get into law school after graduating from college. She's only been a lawyer for a couple of years now but she works for a great firm that has allowed her to grow a ton professionally and personally. She is no longer the shy girl she used to be but a confident young woman who wins court cases. While in law school, she was verbally harassed and eventually raped by a man who was on trial. He was being represented by the firm that Hadley was interning with for the summer. He not only lost the case for what he was up for, but he also ?found guilty of raping Hadley. She had to take a year off of law school to cope with everything. She is finally in a better place about it, she now represents rape victims in their cases to get the same justice she got. Except she just found out her rapist is up for parole and is looking for a new lawyer to get out and her current law firm is who he called upon for help. She is back in a nervous state, feeling all the things she felt before after the fact. She hopes that he is denied parole.

Kim Lancaster
​Kim is a good woman who trusted the wrong person and got caught up in their lies. The culprit in question happens to be her own sister Eva. The two used to be very close until Kim found out about her cocaine addiction and extra martial affairs. Kim threatened to tell Eva's husband everything and was engaged one of her big sister's ex lovers. It all ended tragically when he was found dead of an ectasy overdose and Eva, not one to be messed with and supremely jealous, framed Kim for the crime and as a result landed a three year prison sentence. Kim is now out and seeking long, painful revenge.
​(Can someone please play her sister and her lawyer who happens to be her brother in law?)

Jack McAllister, 40
Jack is a straight-shooter. He isn't one for small talk and he's not one for mind games. He tells people how it is and that's what makes him a fantastic lawyer. He played all his cards right to get to where he is today. He is married and is serving as his sister in law's lawyer in her upcoming parole hearing.

(Hope you don't mind I changed her name- Eva is a family members name)

Ava McAllister
Ava is ruthless and vengeful. Her sister was going to expose her drug use and affairs so she had to do something. Her sister was even dating one of her old boyfriends so Ava decided to teach her a lesson. She killed the boyfriend and framed Kim. She doesn't care if she stays in prison or not. She's had her revenge but if Kim thinks she's going to get back at her, she's got another thing coming.

Hadley got to her office with her briefcase in one hand and her coffee cup in the other. She got to her desk and noticed her hundreds of emails, a typical Monday morning for her. She started going through them since she didn't have any cases lined up for the week.
August adjusted Ruby on his hip as he signed in to the prison visitor log. He got his badge before being brought into the room with the rest of the visitors while he waited for Frankie.

Kim's eyes opened quickly as she tried to get some rest after dealing with the awful memories of losing her lover Ryan from a drug overdose. It was three years ago but to her, the pain was still fresh as if it was yesterday. The one man to love her unconditionally was gone forever and Kim missed him so much. She sat up from her bottom bunk bed and stretched for a bit before beginning to do her morning sit ups. ​I'm in this hell hole because of my sister. ​She thought bitterly as she experienced the burn of each sit up in her abdomen. Soon Kim would be free and when she was, there would be only one thing to do-avenge Ryan's death.

Frankie was brought into the visitors room and looked at all the faces. She could feel everyone staring at her and she had to tell herself it was her mind playing tricks on her. She broke into a smile when she saw?Ruby and August. "Hi angel!" she grinned and hugged her daughter tight.

Jack walked by Hadley's office, "Good morning," He said as he stood in her doorway, "I'm headed down to the penitentary to talk to my client, just a head's up they'll be meeting with Ethan today," He told her. Hadley's eyes widened, "Oh, okay, thanks for the heads up." She said before taking a sip of her coffee.?
(I don't know how to get them to see each other again since she couldn't be his lawyer.)
"No contact, inmate." The guard called from across the room. August took Ruby and set her on his lap, "I talked to your therapist yesterday, we've got an appointment all set up for you for when you get out of here," He told her.

(I'm not sure either)

"thank you Augie. They won't let me talk to a psychiatrist in here." Frankie said. she knew she needed as much help as she could get.?

(We could have her with a different client and she sees him either at the prison or courthouse?)
"You're almost done," Augut reminded her, "We're going to get you everything you need when it's all over with."

Frankie looked around to make sure no one was listening before looking back at him. "I think they're trying to keep me here longer." She whispered.

(that sounds good. Do you need me to play someone else for her?)

"They can't keep you here longer," August assured her.
(That might be easiest.)

Adrian McAlister
He is the nephew of Jack McAlister and he recently went to his uncles firm over some legal battles. He's a photographer and worked for the local newspaper. The editors didn't like the pictures?he took at a recent event?and refused to pay him but they kept the photos anyway. Adrian is suing them for breach of contract. His uncle is too busy with big cases to help him so he handed the case over to one of their newer lawyers.

"I can hear the guards talking after lights out." Frankie whispered frantically. "The guards aren't really guards. They want to keep me here and do experiments on me and the baby."
Adrian waited in the hallway of the courthouse to meet with Hadley so they could go over things before the hearing. He kept checking the time as he waited, hoping she wouldn't be much longer.

August wanted to reach his hand across the table but knew he couldn't, "You know those are your delusions babe, they're not real."
Hadley reached the courthouse and found Adrian, "Hey, ready for this afternoon?" She asked?

"I know it sounds crazy but its real. I heard them." Frankie explained.
"Yeah, I think so." Adrian nodded. "I'm a little nervous."

"Babe, they're not allowed to keep you passed your time," August told her.
Hadley smiled, "Don't be, you've got me," She said, "Lets head back into the briefing room and go over everything."

"They're going to, you have to believe me." Frankie said desperately. "They want to rip the baby out of me and do experiments."
"You think we'll win?" Adrian asked as they headed to the briefing room.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do," August told her, needing to get in touch with the prison clinic.
"Yeah, we've got a great case." Hadley told him.

"You can't tell them I know." Frankie told him. "They'll punish me."
"I know this isn't your usual case." Adrian said. "My uncle Jack said you mostly handle assaults?"

"Nothing is going to happen to you, I promise," He told her.
Hadley nodded, "Yeah those are my usual cases I like to take on but I take on other things too."

"You can't stop it, you're not in here." Frankie pointed out. "They're going to?hide me and the baby away."
"I'm sorry if Jack pushed this on you. Its not a very exciting case." Adrian laughed.

August knew that she was so stuck in a delusion that there was no point in talking about it anymore, he decided to change the subject, "Have you thought any more about baby names?" He asked.
"Jack didnt do that, j gladly accepted it," Hadley told him, it distracted her from the looming parole case everyone kept talking about at the office.

"Cameron or Logan." Frankie smiled. She was excited to have a little boy but she didn't want anyone to take him away.
"Thats a relief." Adrian laughed. "I appreciate all you've done."

"I like both of those," August told her with a smile.
"I'm glad I could help," Hadley smiled.

"You'll have to take him away before the guards can." Frankie said.
"Me too." Adrian smiled. "Would it be okay if I asked you on a date after all this is done?"

"I will," August said softly before he heard the announcement that visitation was over, "We'll see you Friday," He told her.
Hadley was kind of surprised he asked her, she felt nervous all of a sudden, "Umm, sure," She finally said.

"I love you." Frankie said to him and Ruby. She wanted so badly to hug her.
"Hows Saturday night?" Adrian asked, glad that she said yes.

"I love you too," August said, "Blow momma a kiss," He told Ruby.
"Can we do something during the day?" Hadley asked, "I've got something that night," She lied nervously.?

Ruby blew Frankie a kiss and she blew her one back. "I'll see you soon baby."
"Sure. Do you want to have lunch? I know a great bistro downtown." Adrian asked.

"Bye babe, I love you," August told her before leaving the visiting area. Once he was out in the lobby he asked to speak to the prison psychologist.
"That sounds good to me," Hadley told him, she hadn't been out with someone since her assault.

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