Prisoners RPG

I bet there's rich folks eating in a fancy dining car
They're probably drinkin' coffee and smoking big cigars.
Well I know I had it coming, I know I can't be free
But those people keep a movin'
And that's what tortures me.

Plot: The rp follows the lives of prisoners and the people they and their crimes affect: loved ones, victims, survivors, etc. Everyone is struggling to cope- either with guilt, or rebuilding their life, or to maintain relationships, or to burn bridges altogether.

No need for a big plot when it's just us!

Inmate info

Frankie Sumner
Frankie has schizoaffective disorder which is basically?a combination of schizophrania and bipolar disorder. She's usually on medications that keep her sane but she had to go off of them when she got pregnant with her second child. At 12 weeks?pregnant, she took her three year old, Ruby, out shopping when a woman complimented Frankie on her adorable daughter and offered the child a sucker. Frankie became paranoid and suddenly thought the woman was trying to kidnap Ruby so she attacked her. Despite her medical history, the judge showed little compassion and setenced her to a 6 month stretch in jail. She's got a couple months left and her baby is due soon. Her husband and daughter come visit but its hard being locked up, especially because she can't take her meds until the baby is born. Everyday she struggles to fight her delusions but shes trying to stay strong until she can be at home with her family.

August Sumner, 32
Accountant | Husband | Father
August has always been a very level headed indvidual but someone who also has a big heart. He always likes to play it safe and did everything he was supposed to do to get to where he is today. A few years ago he met Frankie and fell in love with her vibrant personality. Later in their relationship he found out about her mental disorders but understood how her medications helped her. He knew he could help her too and decided to stay with her. The two eventually got married and had a child, with a second one on the way. He didn't know what to do at first when he learned about his wife attacking someone and her sentencing. Her first pregnancy had nothing like that occur while she was off her medications. He feels that this might need to be their last child so that she won't have to go off of her meds again. He visits her as often as allowed, most of the time bringing their daughter Ruby. He has already set up a therpist for her when she gets out of prison to help her cope with her sentencing, being back on her medications, and a new baby in the mix.

Hadley Simpson, 30
Lawyer | Rape/Assault Victim
Growing up, Hadley was always a very shy little girl. She was a book worm who stuck to her studies rather than going after boys when she was in high school. That worked out for her in the long run and allowed her to get into law school after graduating from college. She's only been a lawyer for a couple of years now but she works for a great firm that has allowed her to grow a ton professionally and personally. She is no longer the shy girl she used to be but a confident young woman who wins court cases. While in law school, she was verbally harassed and eventually raped by a man who was on trial. He was being represented by the firm that Hadley was interning with for the summer. He not only lost the case for what he was up for, but he also ?found guilty of raping Hadley. She had to take a year off of law school to cope with everything. She is finally in a better place about it, she now represents rape victims in their cases to get the same justice she got. Except she just found out her rapist is up for parole and is looking for a new lawyer to get out and her current law firm is who he called upon for help. She is back in a nervous state, feeling all the things she felt before after the fact. She hopes that he is denied parole.

Kim Lancaster
​Kim is a good woman who trusted the wrong person and got caught up in their lies. The culprit in question happens to be her own sister Eva. The two used to be very close until Kim found out about her cocaine addiction and extra martial affairs. Kim threatened to tell Eva's husband everything and was engaged one of her big sister's ex lovers. It all ended tragically when he was found dead of an ectasy overdose and Eva, not one to be messed with and supremely jealous, framed Kim for the crime and as a result landed a three year prison sentence. Kim is now out and seeking long, painful revenge.
​(Can someone please play her sister and her lawyer who happens to be her brother in law?)


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