To Nerf and Sunshinee

I've been busy lately and took a few days off from posting and this little break has made me realize I'm about ready to let go of gurl. I've been on rps for years and I love it but I think I'm ready to move on.
I love you both and I love the ideas that we've yet to play out. Maybe we could skip to those ideas and then give our rps a real ending. I'm sad to do this but I honestly spend too much time thinking about rps and checking for updates when I should be focused on other things. I need to slow down and phase out. Let me know if there are any current rps you're willing to drop now. It sounds strange and a little sad but this has been a big part of my life and I hope you're not upset with this decision. I want to bring our rps full circle.
I love you both and wish only the best for you <3

Well clearly I can't stay away so please come back NERF!

Nerf, if you're out there, please come back!?

and loki and bamf and all of the old gang!


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