Sydney RPG

Sydeny, AU is one of the country's largest metropolitian areas. Behind the sunny and warm atmosphere are secrets, backstabbing, lies, lust and events that will forever change lives. A soap opera like rpg with many different characters, personalities and such. Make it scandalous and fun. The more dtamatic the better!



Sienna Graver
December 23, 1992
Waitress at Aussie Cocktails
Sienna is confident, social, resilent and can stand on her two feet despite the fact she's a single mom of a four year old daughter and baby daddy's not in the picture anymore. Wants to give her precious Maddie the world and believes one day she'll get a better job, find a good man and live happily ever after but a part of Sienna knows that's not how real life works.

Alexandra "Lexi, Lex" Dupree (Doo pray)
May 1, 1986
Unemployed/former manager of Oasis Nightclub
Lexi used to be fun, a little wild and outgoing with a mind for business. Since she was in charge of one of Sydney's most popular nightclubs, making sure her patrons were enjoying themselves were her priority. Things were great until she discovered some unsavory secrets about her older sister Ava who she used to be close with: she was a cocaine addict and sleeping around on her husband. Long story short one of big sister's former toy boys fell for Lexi and they were going to get married until he died of an ectasy overdose-he never used the drug in his life and the police suspected it was slipped into his drink. Ava framed Lexi and she's been in jail for three and a half years. Now she's out and wants payback. Her first target is Ava's hubby who's a lawyer and arranged for her release

sorry been super busy i'll try to form later!

Quin Pearson
Quin lives in the US with a wife and kids. They're actually exptecting their 3rd child but he had to go away for business for a few weeks. He owns several resorts and is opening one in Sydney. When hes not spenind time with coporate suits,?he plans on making the most of his time away from home by finding someone to keep him company while he's in town.

Alessandra "Ales" Rivera
Ales is fun and outgoing but struggling to be genuinely happy. She was spoiled growing up and turned into a carefree party girl, sleeping around with guys and girls?until she got pregnant. Having a baby changed her and now shes got a 3 year old she has to support. She wants to give her a comfortable life so she works as an escort to support them. Its not a great career but it pays well so she sticks with it and dreams of being swept off her feet and leaving her degrading job behind her. Shes lucky her?ex is involved in their daughters life but he always has to make things difficult. Dealing with him and her disgusting clients has made her realize how much she misses women but its hard to have a real relationship considering her line of work.


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